Tune Into A Retro Aesthetic With This Antique Home Decor Brand

Tune Into A Retro Aesthetic With This Antique Home Decor Brand

It is fascinating how as humans, we hold onto objects, how objects leave behind become vessels of stories and relics of abandoned memories, and how we hold onto objects as a way of holding onto the past or as a way to reimagine the past. Even as kids, a visit to your grandparents would often mean rummaging through their things and finding objects that were no longer a part of everyday life.

Objects of the past have (what you would term in Gen-Z terminology) always had a choke-hold on us, in a way, they function as convenient time machines to know about a place in time. Personally, I have always been fascinated with typewriters and vintage cameras. Hence, my late grandfather’s 1957 Cole Typewriter has a special space in my heart.

If you too love all things vintage or retro and have always been someone who is interested in the art of collecting vintage accessories, The Retro Craft on Instagram is the place for you. An antique home decor store in essence; it offers a unique collection of Indian Handicrafts and exclusive artefacts for your home.

Among the collectables available on the platform are vintage telescopes, dial landline phones, typewriters, vintage brass compass, hanging hourglass, record players and brass horns, among other antique pieces. If you aren’t a big fan of vintage and antique collectables yourself, they can be beautiful and thoughtful gifts for your parents or grandparents.

As the world progresses towards newer and faster technology, these antique and vintage collectables function as sweet reminders of a forgotten time and the forgotten art of collecting these items for the soul they add to your home.

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