Visit This Sprawling 150-Year-Old Colonial Heritage Home Stay In Ooty

Visit This Sprawling 150-Year-Old Colonial Heritage Home Stay In Ooty
Keerthana Balaji

Oftentimes, the aim of travelling is to escape and leave the heaviness of the everyday behind, even if just for a few hours. It does feel like a bonus, however, if you were to come across even a fraction of the heritage that India has to offer while on your travels. Through food, locations, people, and several other means, this is not only possible but also enlightening.

One such place is the Lymond House in Ooty. Next time you plan to visit the ‘Queen Of Hill Stations’, skip the choice of a hotel, and head to this 150-year-old colonial heritage homestay. This 19th Century bungalow is owned by the Junaid Sait family, a prominent name among traders.

Image Courtesy: Keerthana Balaji

Red-bricked fireplaces, deep brown wooden furniture, archways, and lamp posts of a bygone era all add to the warm charm of the home. A commendable aspect of this home is that while it has undergone slight alterations, they have only taken place to maintain the integrity and strength of the structure. These changes in no way overshadow the regal feel and colonial influence of the British space. The Victorian decor is evident in the four-poster beds and the intricacies of the interior woodwork. The sprawling greens can be accessed by the rooms, and also give guests the opportunity to soak in the slow pace; perhaps with a warm beverage as the chill nips at your skin.

Image Courtesy: Keerthana Balaji

Tipperary, Westbury, Walpole, Grace, Iris, Flora take your pick from these six luxury rooms available at Lymond, each with its own distinct features, but with an all-around colonial aesthetic.

At a convenient distance of 2.2 kilometres from the airport, and 1.3 kilometres from the railway station, Lymond House is at the top of our list based on convenience, environment, and of course, the slice of colonial life it gives you.

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