Why Indians Should Use Apple Music & Change The Way We Listen To Music

Why Indians Should Use Apple Music & Change The Way We Listen To Music
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Legal , Vast And Easy

India-Favoured Pricing


Support for Independent Indian musicians

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Apple Cares (If You Gently Coerce Them, Anyway) 

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you're aware that one of the most talked about issues was the revision of the Apple policy after objections raised by Taylor Swift against Apple Music's compensation policy. You're free to feel less than affectionate for Miss Swift's music and even her personality but no one could deny the impunity of her stance in demanding compensation for artists even during Apple's three month free trial of the music service. How did Apple respond? They chose not to ignore it like many before them, promising compensation for artists even in the free trial period.

Apple Music allows users to search for their music along with a personalised section called 'For You' while the 'New' section of the service will offer editor curated content across various genres. The Beats 1 Apple Radio is a 24/7 Live Global music station which aims to provide seamless content no matter one's location.'Connect' is said to be an Apple social network where users can follow artists, comment  and share their video as artists get to freely interact with their fans, a feature which is likely to help artists across genres and appeal. One gets the opportunity to follow Dualist Inquiry while looking at Indian Ocean's latest tour photos and listening to A.R. Rahman's latest Tamil album.

One is hard-pressed to find an example of any Indian streaming service which would focus and listen to the artist over a music label or producer.

In Conclusion

The opportunity to work, collaborate and innovate with the world's largest company is something all Indian artists and label producers should look forward to. As for the consumers, the ability to stream 30 million songs spread across varying genres of Indian, regional, international and mainstream, with curated content by your favourite artists for a monthly fee which is on par with the cost of premium cup of coffee is on offer. Are you sure you want to pass on it?

BRB, busy streaming.