YNZN.P's Sophmore EP Is A Dancy, Emotive Juxtaposition Of Influences

YNZN.P's Sophmore EP Is A Dancy, Emotive Juxtaposition Of Influences
Saumya Shukla

The past few years have been an interesting time when it comes to music production, with a new wave of producers on the block who are not afraid to experiment and bend genres.

The latest on our radar is YNZN.P, an electronic music producer hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal. Examining the juxtaposition of different cultures through his music, he performs live DJ sets that sway between left-field electronic music and art-pop influences.

YNZN.P’s next is an upcoming sophomore EP COULDN’T_DANCE_TO_SAVE_MY_LIFE. Produced under Skip-A-Beat, a multi-media label founded by musical artist Spryk in 2018 that presents and releases audio-visual works by artists across South Asia, the EP is a five-track multi-genre journey that brings forth the diverse range of the artist.

“By normal standards, I’m a terrible dancer so I decided to call the EP COULDN’T_DANCE_TO_SAVE_MY_LIFE.

— YNZN.P on naming the album.

The first music video to be released from the project is Fortunes that is animated by a New-Delhi based visual artist Soumya Shukla. Of the music video, he says Fortunes felt like a subconscious attempt to recreate happy memories and have something to look forward to during the pandemic when meeting friends and family wasn’t really possible.

“I could instantly tell that this track would end up being emotionally driven, subtle, and relatable so I followed my instincts in order to create and maintain that feeling throughout the track,” explains the artist. “This EP consists of tracks that are in-between genres...some are more suitable for the dance floor while others may be for personal listening.”

He further adds, “Prior to this, I hadn’t really gravitated towards producing danceable tracks but this time around it came a bit more naturally. The weather definitely played a part, along with the growth and renewal of relationships with my family and friends during the lockdown. Few tracks were already in the making the year before but were completed recently, so I’ve made them a part of this EP.”

Talking about the sonic evolution on the latest project, he says, “In terms of production, I used to shy away from building tracks with long loops. I often altered the course of a track into a completely different story almost instantaneously. But with this EP I’ve tried to balance that out by taking my time and maintaining the feel of a track for longer. You can say it’s more emotive than methodical. That being said the process was quite challenging in itself but fulfilling.”

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Feature image credits - Saumya Shukla

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