Your Go-To List Of Instagram Thrift Stores In India

Your Go-To List Of Instagram Thrift Stores In India
Paradime Thrift ; Copper Boom Vintage ; Lulu Thrift

The idea of thrifting has evolved through the years, and in 2020, it holds a much larger meaning than it simply being the quality of using money and resources carefully and not wastefully. It now offers a whole new world of opportunities to customers and small business owners alike. Taking the world of social media by storm, online thrift stores have established themselves as an unmissable aspect.

What’s not to love about places where great and inexpensive fashion is easily accessible and is also entirely sustainable? Various thrift stores that have set up shop on Instagram have gathered momentum and are spearheading the anti-fast fashion movement. All things pre-loved and quirky in their own way, the items sold by these small business owners not only meet all expectations of ethical fashion, but also add uniqueness to each buyer’s wardrobe.

Here at Homegrown, we’re a big fan of all things sustainable (also fashionable) and with the current quarantine scenario, we would much rather not step out to shop and would encourage you to do the same. For that very reason, we have curated a list of 18 Instagram thrift stores that will fulfil the cravings of the shopaholic in you without a reason to harm the environment, and will also not burn a hole in your pocket!

Bombay Closet Cleanse

While Bombay Closet Cleanse sells items such as kurtas and masks, they also have 100 per cent charity sales where all the profits go to a particular cause. Sustainable, great fashion and for a cause? That’s a triple win if you ask us.

Carol’s Shop & Tea Room

With handpicked collectables from around the world in their bag, Carol’s Shop & Tea Room presents an array of delicate as well as bold options to choose from. Their Instagram feed is complete with pieces of art and mesmerising photographs.

Copper Boom Vintage

An aesthetic appeal of their own, Copper Boom is beside the ordinary fashion. With unusual prints, style and materials, their clothing items deserve an in-depth look. Their latest live chat describes the working of an Instagram thrift store in detail.

Curated Findings

Curated Findings definitely lives up to their name with their awe-worthy accessories, as well as home decor items. Their core values are re-wear, repair, re-create recycle and re-love.

Disco>very Culture

Influenced by the disco scene in the 70s and the 80s, Disco>very has you covered with jackets, jerseys and so much more. The culture of the past reflects in all their pieces, and how.

Lulu thrift

This Manipur-based thrift store with its funky and appealing edits offers no particular style, or all and has a little something for everyone.

They accept Google Pay and bank deposit.

Lust thrift

With jaw-dropping dresses on sale recently, Lust Thrift procures some extremely stylish shirts and, intricate brassieres and well-fitting jeans as well.

They accept Google Pay.

Luu Liu

VIII. Luu Liu

For anyone looking for a dauntless collection of clothing items, Luu Liu’s selection is the answer. Radiating feelings of sexiness and confidence, their collection is impeccable.

Mumbai Thrifts

If tie-dye cropped sweatshirts and light-washed denim with unicorns on them sound like your cup of tea, Mumbai Thrifts is your destination, with so much more in store.

They accept Google Pay and online fund transfer.


Oakark’s vast collection includes various drops of nightwear (ice-cream print pink shorts? Yes, please), sports bras, and training attire. Although they are based in India, they ship worldwide.

They accept Google Pay, Phonepe, and bank transfer.

Panda Picked

Panda Picked asks us to “Buy less but better,” and we couldn’t agree more! Among the corsets and vintage shirts, you will find much more once you follow them.

They accept Google Pay and bank transfer.

Paradime Thrift

With quite the collection for men, Paradime Shift describes themselves as ‘Pocket-friendly upcycled vintage and pop culture-inspired clothing.’ It’s most definitely a one-stop-shop for printed tees, jumpers, hoodies and jackets.

Shop with love

This thrift store seems nothing short of bold in its selection. If you’ve got an eye for intricately beautiful brassieres, bralettes and corsets, this is the place to be.

They accept Google Pay, PhonePe, and bank transfer.

The local thrift

This Instagram store is bound to bring about an itch to buy something, solely because each item looks so appealing and seems almost as if it is calling out to you.

The salvage story

In their own words, they are ‘a sustainable fashion store which promotes eclectic personal style and curating a lasting wardrobe’. Nothing short of spot-on, we would say!

The vintage

From baggy tees to satin dresses, The Vintage seems to have it all. Their latest denim drop is one to look out for.

Thrift banana

Started by fashion students, Thrift Banana was born out of the realisation of the extensive harm the fashion industry causes to the planet. A few denim items make appearances among other attractive items of clothing.

Vintage laundry

This lively thrift store screams out colour and bold patterns. Staying true to its name, the items on sale give off a somewhat fresh yet vintage vibe.

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