4 Organic Colour Brands To Opt For This Holi Season

Amala Earth & Phool
Amala Earth & PhoolAmala Earth & Phool

Come springtime every year, the festival of colours comes knocking at our doors with the rejuvenated hope of new beginnings and a plethora of red, yellow, and pink gulaal filling the streets.

The Hindu festival that is known to mark the victory of good over evil and that includes a vibrant celebration full of joyous colours and merrymaking has been popularised beyond the realm of South Asia itself.

However, thanks to the chemical in the colours, it’s no secret that our skin hates Holi! While the neon hues might seem attractive, the ill-effects of chemical and synthetic colours have proved to be more than skin-deep.

This is why, we, at Homegrown, recommend the good ol’ organic method of celebration — switching to organic colours made of plant-based substances that are the ultimate answer to your Holi woes!

Here’s a quick run-through of the safest gulaal options to keep your Holi spirit going:

Crafted out of local and indigenous material, Amala Earth’s herbal gulal is the ideal choice for this season's festivities. The skin friendly colours use ingredients from South Asian kitchens, such as turmeric, beetroot and more, mimicking the old school holi traditions. With this set you will be able to save up on unnecessary expenses and also get a range of colours that would not stain your festive clothing.

Have an authentic holi experience with Fabindia’s cruelty free colours that are sold with a powder to make delicious thandai and available in four vibrant shades of blue, pink, green, and yellow. Unlike chemically induced colours their organic gulaal does not irritate the skin and is a very safe option especially for people with allergies and young children. Additionally, the non-toxic colouring is also a more sustainable option for the environment. 


Crafted with handpicked flowers and herbs rich in colour pigment and therapeutic properties, Phool’s gulaal is handmade by women coming from the marginalised sections of the society which makes it a great add-on to your Holi supplies. The brand’s initiative to employ women from this section of society empowers them by providing them financial security along with paving the way towards a dignified way of life. Adding to the philanthropic ethos is the brand’s sustainable bio packaging that makes it a must-add on your list of Holi supplies.


Referring to the brand’s motto of crafting change, GOCOOP claims to bring you colours created by recycling temple and wedding flowers that save up to 3 times water as compared to regular colours when it comes to cleaning up. They are also completely skin-friendly and non-toxic.

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