A Homegrown Brand Promoting Low Maintainance & Vegan Haircare Products

A Homegrown Brand Promoting Low Maintainance & Vegan Haircare Products
Image Courtesy: Off Days

Imagine if the feeling of a Friday evening could be bottled up, that feeling before you have an off the next day, the stress-free mindspace and the ease of being. ‘Off Days’, a vegan, sulfate and paraben-free homegrown haircare brand, is reinventing the approach to haircare with a desire to bring a feeling of effortless ease to your daily routine. Their brand name is a direct ode to that easy, calm feeling of a holiday.

Co-founded by Merrylin Boro and Rod Anker, the brand has a solution-based model that works around the challenges of hair and offers products that are easy to use and seamlessly fit into your everyday schedule.

With minimalist and clean packaging, Off Days offers three products — the volume & texturising Powder which is an easy-to-use styling powder that gives your hair extra volume and support, an everyday shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free and is rich in natural hyper moisturising ingredients that enhance the natural texture and restore balance in the hair fibre as well as an everyday conditioner that is lightweight and has the ability to close the cuticle without weighing down the hair with shea butter and cucumber extract to rehydrate.

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