A Kochi-Based Designer Creating Adaptive Clothing For The Disabled And The Elderly


From shirts with snap closures to pants with pull-up loops, Aaramse is a brand that seeks to design attire that can be worn ‘with ease’. Founded by Kochi-based designer Ashima Bhan in 2020, the brand creates stylish and intentionally designed attire to assist those with mobility and/or dexterity limitations. While Ashima has been crafting breezy womenswear under her eponymous label, she started Aaramse in 2020 while hoping to cater to an alternative audience. Despite the prevalence of differently abled or elderly people in the nation, they remain a market that very few brands truly cater to. 

The Aaramse collection of designs is practical and functional. In the brand's attempt to be more inclusive, they create custom attire to suit the specific needs of its customers, in addition to their standard collection. For those who are differently abled, there are a multitude of challenges that they or their caretakers face when trying to find the right attire. Making the act of dressing easier to ensuring the lack of pressure points while wearing, each design from Aaramse is designed with such challenges in mind. From kurtas and shirts with rear openings to zippered legs on pants, to nighties and dresses with snap buttons on the shoulder and zip closures with elastic cord tabs, they accommodate the individual needs of their customers. 

In addition, the Instagram page for Aaramse is replete with information and engaging questions regarding adaptive fashion. This is perhaps best illustrated in one of the captions that were shared by Ashima on the page for Aaramse. “As a designer, I've realised that adaptive clothing needs a fair amount of research and data. Disabilities are so varied, and clothing solutions need to be as varied while keeping in mind individual needs and styles. This is where functionality meets aesthetics. This is where customisation is key. We would love to hear from you if you have specific clothing needs to be addressed. The more we know the better we ideate. Let's have these conversations. Let's put it out here. Let's find solutions. Let's make the change.”

In looking deeper at the interactions on Aaramse’s social media page and the features regarding them, it is easy to decipher that it is one of the few brands that are truly catering to the disabled and/or elderly community. The brand is creating a growing online community where those with disabilities can share their clothing needs and challenges and is vouched for by the many customers who have become dedicated to the brand for their sleek designs, options for customisation, and the conversations they are beginning. 

You can learn more about their work here.

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