7 Homegrown Independent Bookstores Offering Viable Online Alternatives

The next time you need a book, use one of these Homegrown online alternatives.
The next time you need a book, use one of these Homegrown online alternatives. L: Midland Bookshop R: Champaca

As a self-proclaimed lover of physical books, it’s been hard to stay resolute in my decision not to shop from Amazon. In the age of online shopping conglomerates like them, it's easy to get caught in the gravitational pull of convenience and discounted prices. But the dependence on shops like Amazon which has put many great independent bookstores out of business, is not the only option out there for a dedicated reader in India. 

But what if I told you there's a better way to feed your literary cravings while also supporting local businesses and preserving the legacy of independent bookstores? There are independent bookstores that have adapted to the changing times and have great websites with a wide-ranging collection of books, and with even better discounts than Amazon at times.

Midland Books, Delhi

Midland Books Delhi, a Hauz Khaus landmark since 1978, is a family-run bookshop. Today it is run by the third generation of the family and they have also created an easy-to-navigate website that stocks a wide range of books across genres. Offering flat 20% off the books almost all the time, and having a seamless checkout experience, Midland Books is a great way to get your hands on physical books. 

Explore their collection here.

Champaca, Bangalore

Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, Champaca is an independent bookstore that has built a community of book lovers in Bangalore. Set in a bungalow in Vasanth Nagar in Bangalore, Champaca is also a cafe and gathering space that hosts readings and varying literary events. Their online store is a neatly organised trove of great books. They also offer themed book subscriptions which is a novel concept among shops of its kind. Founded by Radhika Timbadia with the hope to create a literary community in Bangalore and beyond, the online and offline presence of Champaca is proving to be a realisation of her hope. 

Explore their collection here. 

Blossom Book House, Bangalore

Blossom Book House, a beloved institution in Bangalore, extends its reach beyond its physical store through an inviting online platform. With its extensive range of titles, the iconic bookstore in Church Street continues to serve as a haven for bookworms, now accessible to a wider audience. Their clearance section is perhaps the best section that features discount-rated books that are meticulously categorised. The categories across the store include everything from Those From Different Publishers, Editor’s Choice, Rare Finds, Best Sellers, New Arrivals, And Author Signed Books. 

You can explore their collection here.

The Book Shop in Jorbagh, Delhi

The Book Shop in Jorbagh, a hidden gem in Delhi's literary landscape, embraces the online world while preserving its unique character. While they don’t have a website yet, they do offer the option to purchase books from among their collection, wherever in India you are. They are active on Instagram with what they are loving at the moment and their substantial collection. You can either DM them or Email them, to get your hands on copies of books that you spot on their social media or you think they might carry. 

You can follow them on Instagram here.

Khitab Khana, Mumbai

Nestled in the heart of Mumbai, Khitab Khana is a haven for bibliophiles seeking refuge from the bustling city streets. With a rich history and a commitment to fostering a love for literature, this independent bookstore has become a cherished destination for book lovers. From classic literature to contemporary fiction, thought-provoking non-fiction to captivating children's books, Khitab Khana curates an exquisite selection that appeals to all age groups and is made available through their website. 

You can explore their collection here.

Pagdangi, Pune

Pagdandi is an Independent Bookstore in Pune that started by renting books and serving chai in 2013. Ten years down the line, it has become a beloved bookstore and cafe. More than just a bookstore, their extensive collection of books coexists with the cultural events they host and the delectable food they serve. But their select books focus on independent publishers, catering to readers' preferences for reading, renting, or purchasing within a relaxed café environment. Their website has an extensive catalogue that one can browse through, and get delivered anywhere in India. 

You can explore their collection here.

The Dog Ears Bookshop, Goa

The Dog Ears Bookshop, established in 2016, is a literary haven in Goa. They offer a diverse range of children's books from around the world and titles dedicated to Goa's rich heritage. With a mix of fiction and nonfiction from independent and mainstream publishers, the bookstore ensures accessibility for all readers. What sets them apart is their inclusion of pre-loved secondhand books, adding charm and uniqueness. They also conduct/participate in book fairs to expand their reach, in their venture to make literature accessible to everyone. The Dogears Bookshop also offers online shopping, allowing book enthusiasts to explore and purchase their collections from home, spreading the joy of reading to a wider audience.

You can explore their collection here.

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