Charaswati's Latest Product Drop Is A Purple-Hued Hindu Kush-Inspired Rolling Kit

Legalise Kasoori Methi
Legalise Kasoori MethiCharaswati

"Bro, this paper's gum keeps coming off."


"This herb is too hard to crush by hand- need a grinder."

If you are one of those free-spirited folks who enjoy smoking delicious herbs or have friends that do, I’m quite certain you have been part of or heard these conversations countless times. Just like a rifleman must always be armed with adequate ammunition, a delicious herb connoisseur must always be well-equipped, so that when it comes to rolling a fat one, you are ripe for the task.

Introducing Legalise Kasoori Methi, the latest product by Tarini Dixit’s Charaswati. It is a rolling paper kit with 50 purple rolling papers and printed roach tips for the fashionable herb enthusiast. All Charaswati products are situated at a delicate equilibrium between artistry and contemplation, delving into the ubiquity of a misunderstood miracle plant and the gradual fading of Indian culture due to Western cultural dominance. The rolling paper kit embodies the vibrant purple hues of the iconic Hindu Kush strain, which is one of the most delicious herbs available in the world. The Hindu Kush strain serves as the inspirational canvas for Charaswati’s dominant narrative, which aims to reduce Western hegemony over the entire Canna culture and shift it to a more Asia-centric narrative.

The front view of the 'Legalise Kasoori Methi' rolling papers
The front view of the 'Legalise Kasoori Methi' rolling papersTarini Dixit
Legalise Kasoori Methi
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After all the most delicious and sacred herb in the world has its origin history in our beloved Asia. Why go gaga over the West’s Purple Haze when we have our very own purple herb growing along the Hindu Kush mountains? Why settle for broccoli when Methi, the OG Indian staple, carries more cultural weight? Metaphorically, Methi's digestive powers mirror the debate around the legalization, urging Indians to digest the truth that it is high time that a more open dialogue about cannabis is initiated.

The rear view of the 'Legalise Kasoori Methi' rolling papers
The rear view of the 'Legalise Kasoori Methi' rolling papersTarini Dixit
Legalise Kasoori Methi
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So embrace peace and love and usher in a green revolution alongside Charaswati.

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