Creatara's New EV Is Poised To Redefine The Landscape Of Indian Mobility

The Creatara VS4
The Creatara VS4Creatara

Last weekend saw the official unveiling of a next-gen homegrown electronic two-wheeler from the innovators at Creatara in New Delhi. Featuring a veritable who’s who of enthusiasts, journalists and innovators, the event showed us a glimpse into the company’s ambitious vision across the motor space and beyond. 

Creatara as a brand is hesitant to merely be known as an automotive two-wheeler but would rather like to be thought of as a seamless integration of lifestyle and culture. They're aiming to use their bike and their technology to build a community of like-minded individuals that integrates the worlds of streetwear and art as a whole. The brand is aiming to occupy a new niche that's erstwhile remained untapped by the majority of Creatara's contemporaries across the automotive space and appeal to a younger and more forward thinking demographic.

Their products are a sublime fusion of art, innovation and contemporary trends and are heralding a new epoch of automotive excellence; one that is unfettered by the arcane, esoteric idiosyncrasies of the industry's past. With its radical designs and attention to detail, it believes in building things from the ground up. You won't see any retrofitting of existing concepts or trying to fit square pins into round pegs. They are fully committed to the bleeding edge of innovation across technology and design thinking.

The company's aim is to have their bike become an accessory to your identity; an extension of your thoughts, ideals and preferences as you navigate the world. The bike's price point also makes it markedly more accessible when compared to similar offerings in the same space.

While remaining a fundamentally homegrown brand, Creatara hopes to bring their mission statement as an automotive cultural tastemaker to the rest of the world and in the process herald a paradigm shift that is marked by the fundamental tennants of their brand philosophy. The brand also believes in adapting to change and is commited to understanding the needs of the consumers within the cohorts that they cater to.

The foundations of Creatara rested on the observation that the industry as a whole was by and large out of step with the times. Existing automotive brands were and largely remain solely focused on profit margins and paid little attention to what people actually wanted or needed.

Creatara sees a clear lag in the way that the industry addresses the needs of customers and aims to create a blueprint of self-aware innovation that considers the intricasies of cultural and societal shifts; incorporating facets of lifestyle, fashion, and streetwear as a whole while making sure that their products remain both affordable and accessible.

They're also aiming to change the overall perception of EVs across the homegrown landscape, taking them from being mere alternatives to traditional automotive vehicles to being the primary choice for the modern consumer as well as a symbol of collective and individual identity.

Their commitment to this vision has garnered the support and attention from stalwarts and pioneers across the Indian automotive space and the launch event saw many of these come out in droves to support what looks to be an ambitious step into the future. There's an electric buzz to everything the company does and its resoundingly clear that they're leading the charge into a new era for the Indian automotive industry.

With an ambitious mission statement to “redefine the way we move and shape the future of human mobility” the launch event gave us a comprehensive view into the ins and outs of their brand-new electronic two-wheeler. The VS4 electronic two-wheeler will feature a proprietary battery pack with a removable, smart and safe feature, patented co-axial and single reduction belt drive transmission and the segment's first front mono-shock suspension.

It has a range of 100 km, a top speed of 100km per hour, and 4.0 kW of power. It will also feature proprietary CIRO technology, which aims to enhance well-being, comfort, health and productivity while reducing stress during rides. 

Creatara is a startup that believes in fundamental tenets of perpetual curiosity, empathy, and creative collaboration. They are a dedicated collective of creative innovators who are aiming to bring a revolution to the automotive space. Driven by a design thinking approach that amalgamates sustainability, fresh perspectives, honest design, and attention to both time as well as context, the brand is looking to herald the next big epoch in the homegrown mobility. 

The Creatara VS4
The Creatara VS4Creatara

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