Greater Than's Limited Edition 'Punk Gin' Rebels Against Artificial Pink Gin Posers

Greater Than's Limited Edition 'Punk Gin' Rebels Against Artificial Pink Gin Posers
Greater Than

The time is over for sugary pink gins, there's a new drink in town, and it goes by the name of Punk Gin. Forget everything you thought you knew about this category of gin – Nao Spirits, the makers of Greater Than Gin and Hapusa Gin, are throwing a wrench into the well-oiled machinery of mass-produced pink gins. Their latest drink, 'Punk Gin', is a seasonal, limited-edition gin that's all about fresh ingredients and defying expectations.

Packed with a rebellious spirit, Punk gin rejects the artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors that dominate the market. Instead, it embraces the essence of true craft gin. The pink hue comes not from a chemical concoction, but from a generous helping of handpicked strawberries, sourced from the famed Mahabaleshwar region in India – the strawberry capital of the country. 

The transformation happens when these berries are bathed in a vat of Nao Spirits' classic London Dry Gin for 48 hours. And moreover, to add a touch of balancing acidity and brightness, the distillers throw in some dried hibiscus flowers. In the end, the result is a stunning champagne-pink gin that bursts with fresh strawberry flavor, a touch of zesty lemon peel, and a satisfying peppery finish with a juniper kick.

Anand Virmani, one of the minds behind Nao Spirits, perfectly captures the essence of Punk gin: "Pink Gins are a trend, but most are far removed from what a real gin should be. We, as pioneers of craft gin in India, believe in using fresh ingredients and staying true to our craft. Punk gin is our way of setting the record straight and showcasing what pink gin can truly be."

This focus on freshness translates to how you enjoy Punk gin.  For the perfect serve, they recommend to ditch the sugary syrups and mixers.  Instead, pair it with a crisp tonic water, a slice of fresh strawberry, and a sprig of fragrant basil or rosemary. Remember, with its natural ingredients, Punk Gin thrives in the cold, so keep it refrigerated to maintain its delightful freshness.

The catch is Punk Gin isn't a year-round resident on your liquor shelf.  This seasonal drink celebrates the bounty of Mahabaleshwar's strawberries, so expect it to be available annually during their harvest season, which stretches from December to March. 

For those unfamiliar with Nao Spirits, they're the innovative minds behind India's gin revolution. Their state-of-the-art distillery in Goa churns out not just Punk Gin, but also India's first London Dry Gin, and Hapusa, the world's first Himalayan Dry Gin. They've even earned a coveted spot as the first Indian member of the Gin Guild, the official global body of gin makers.

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