#HGDROP: Comet’s Latest Limited Edition Sneaker Is Inspired By The Cosmos


The adage of ‘you are what you wear’ has never been as popular in India as it is currently. The advent of social media to the growing resistance against conformity has created a generation of Indians who are expressing their identity through their attire. There has also been unprecedented growth for Indian design on a global scale. While people still continue to turn to legacy brands for their sartorial choices, there has also been a growing love for truly Indian brands that are creating disruptive designs. 

Led by their succinct philosophy of ‘never shy, never sorry’, Indian sneaker brand Comet is one that has been creating high quality signature sneakers that are authentic and rooted in its Indian origin. Founded by sneakerheads Utkarsh Gupta and Dishant Daryani, the Bangalore-based label is driven by love and a passion to innovate and create. They create high-quality sneakers with an innately indian identity that is fit for fashion lovers with a love for shopping local. 

While the quality is world-class, the inspiration for their special releases is much closer to home. While the previous drop Jugnu was inspired by fireflies, the one before that was inspired by the beloved summer fruit Mango. Their latest drop is an iridescent, statement sneaker called ‘Spacebound’, that is as unique as it is stylish. 

Featuring sleek black accents against a iridescent silver base, the Comet Spacebound sneaker is a limited edition drop with only 400 pairs available and is a statement in itself. The galactically inspired design is a reflection of the brand’s aforementioned ethos. Much like all the designs from Comet, Spacebound is also a comfortable and durable sneaker that features a cutting-edge three-layered sole system and is crafted from high quality microfiber that is both breathable and flexible. 

The brand refers to this design as something that transcends mere footwear, and rather as a representation of an emotional journey and a testament to unapologetic living and extends an invitation to “embrace unapologetic boldness and leave an indelible mark on the world—one step at a time.”

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