‘World Of Anaar’ Reimagines Sneakers With Traditional Indian Craftsmanship

‘World Of Anaar’ Reimagines Sneakers With Traditional Indian Craftsmanship

A modern-day motif, Anaar seeks to reimagine trendy sneakers through the lens of Indian craftsmanship. As they take the opportunity to design this symbol of street style with traditional embroidery. They achieve this by using age-old techniques such as mirror work and exquisite material like Zardozi and Brocade.

‘An ornament of abundant happiness’, this footwear collection creates space for something new while honouring the old. The silhouettes combine comfortable shapes with luxurious designs that mirror our cultural artistry. Becoming representative of a larger ethos as well as a sight of contemporary homegrown innovations. 

Each piece is designed with the intent to experiment, explore, and tell stories. As admirers of beauty they utilise creative thinking hats and shoemaking tools to craft designs that evoke emotions, start conversations, and accompany the wearer during all kinds of festivities. 

One can notice subtle inspirations taken from the couture craftsmanship prevalent in the country. The versatile pieces, designed to be shapeshifters, are the perfect pick if you have an appetite for novelty and a penchant for luxury. You can even personalise these items with specific alterations and unique embellishments such as lucky charms. 

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