New-Age Homegrown Mithai Brands
New-Age Homegrown Mithai BrandsL: Bombay Sweet R: Pistabarfi

#HGSupply: New-Age Homegrown Brands Reinventing Traditional Indian Mithais

As the festival season arrives, the air is filled with anticipation and excitement, marking a time of joyous celebrations and culinary indulgence, particularly in the realm of sweets. In India, these delectable confections hold a significance that transcends mere culinary delight, symbolizing warmth, tradition, and the spirit of hospitality. From auspicious ceremonies like weddings and religious pujas to casual get-togethers and vibrant festivals, sweets permeate every facet of Indian culture, embodying an integral part of the country's rich heritage. In the festival spirit, here are some new-age homegrown mithai brands have emerged, ingeniously infusing traditional Indian sweets with a contemporary twist.

Authentic Indian sweets by Pistabarfi
Authentic Indian sweets by Pistabarfi Pistabarfi


Pistabarfi, a culinary heritage since 1968, epitomizes simplicity and authentic flavors. Led by brothers Harshit and Tanay Agrawal, the brand's cloud kitchen in Bombay continues the legacy of crafting traditional mithai with minimal sweetness. Their distinctive packaging spotlights Indian artists, reflecting cherished memories of festive occasions and familial traditions. Evoking a profound sense of nostalgia, each confection serves as a poignant reminder of the quiet joy of festivals and authentic Indian sweets that we remember from our childhoods, capturing the essence of joy and sentimentality that underscores the brand's enduring charm.

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Mango & Beetroot sweets by Saugaat
Mango & Beetroot sweets by SaugaatSaugaat


Saugaat, a gifting boutique by Bikanervala, is a testament to the culmination of seven decades of rich culinary heritage and a deep-rooted passion for the art of gifting. Their mithais, encapsulated in luxuriously designed packaging, not only reflect a commitment to taste and quality but also epitomize a tradition of sharing love and warmth with cherished ones. Saugaat's promise of taste, panache, and class resonates with the trust and expertise garnered over the years, inviting patrons to embark on a journey of unparalleled flavors and personalized gifting experiences.

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Diwali giting box & Bikaneri Rabdi Malai Kesar Ghewar box
Diwali giting box & Bikaneri Rabdi Malai Kesar Ghewar boxGur Chini

Gur Chini

Gur Chini celebrates the timeless essence of joy and festivities, presenting a new narrative for health-conscious India. With a fusion of tradition and modernity, Gur Chini crafts meticulously curated desserts infused with the wholesome goodness of natural sweeteners like Stevia Plant, honey, dates, and an array of organic ingredients. Emphasizing a healthier approach, their exclusive collection showcases an assortment of exquisite Gurs, including Sugarcane, Palmyra, Date Palm, and Nelon, carefully extracted from diverse natural sources, alongside a dedicated line of low-sugar and sugar-free options.

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Dwali Dhamaka Box
Dwali Dhamaka BoxBombay Sweet Shop

Bombay Sweet Shop

Bombay Sweet Shop, a celebratory venture by Hunger Inc., renowned for The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro, pays homage to the essence of joyous occasions with a contemporary twist on traditional mithai. Embracing their ethos of 'Re-creation,' the brand delves into India's rich sweet-making heritage, infusing time-honoured recipes with a sense of playfulness and wonder. Through meticulous research and the mastery of innovative techniques, their chefs reimagine beloved classics, enticing patrons with a delightful blend of familiar flavors and novel presentations. Each delectable treat transcends mere indulgence, evoking cherished memories and jubilant nostalgia, offering a tantalizing taste of old-fashioned sweetness reimagined for the modern palate.

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