Homegrown Artisinal Pasta Brands On Our Radar

Homegrown Artisinal Pasta Brands On Our Radar
L: Dèa: Lusso Pasta Boutique R: Donna Pastaia

From Lady and the Tramp to Eat Pray Love, there is something truly indulgent about Pasta that makes us crave it, the moment we see it on screen. It is a global comfort food that can soothe the soul and might as well be considered Italy’s best export. For many people that live alone, it is an easy comfort food that can satiate the worst hunger and cravings. While there are wonderful restaurants in most urban cities that serve authentic pasta, the dry pasta that is available in the Indian market is mass-produced and is a good choice when you’re in a fix. But for those who are discerning pasta connoisseurs, there are now options available in India. 

Recently, we discovered two Indian brands that create authentic artisanal pasta in a myriad of shapes and hues. Coloured with natural ingredients and organic colours and handmade to perfection, these artisanal pasta brands are made in small batches and with the utmost care.

Dèa :Lusso Pasta Boutique

A Luxe Pasta boutique, Dèa is a luxury pasta brand that celebrates aesthetics and ingredient quality when it comes to their products. They create custom-themed boxes featuring pasta in a myriad of shapes and colours and often curate unique themed boxes for their clients. The gourmet brand only uses clean, organic ingredients to create these rainbow-hued pastas. From marigold flowers and beetroot powder to spinach and more. The pasta from Dèa is vegan, hand-crafted and sundried. The base of the pasta is made using high-quality durum wheat flour, multi-grain flour or gluten-free flour. From a Barbie pasta box with sorpresine, cappelletti and star-studded pasta in pinks, whites and lilacs to a Boat Carnival Pasta Box with sombreroni, carved barchette and winged barchette pasta in shades of blue, red, yellow and green — the options they offer are endless. As a boutique service, the brand is open to customization and will create unique pasta boxes that cater to your theme and are even packaged to be a gift. The brand prides itself on its attention to detail and they claim that no two boxes of their pasta are alike, as they are created intentionally for the customer as a bespoke experience. 

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L: Dèa: Lusso Pasta Boutique R: Donna Pastaia

Donna Pastaia

Donna Pastaia was born out of the love of pasta by two women and their hope to provide honest, nourishing and real food through the dish that they love so much. The handcrafted pasta from the brand is authentic and artisanal and they use organic ingredients and real vegetables to create flavourful, nourishing pasta. Categorised into four ranges, the brand offers small-batch handmade pasta that will suit a variety of tastes and needs. Their Little’s Range is designed to appeal to children and is made with real vegetables and made without maida or salt to provide essential nutrition while looking cute and colourful to cater to kids. While seemingly plain looking, the Core Traditional Range from the brand is as authentic as pasta gets. Made from wholewheat and semolina, the range includes everything from traditional Fettuccine to Strozzapreti. Catering to those who are culinary adventurists, the Premium Gourmet Range from the brand is vibrantly infused and coloured with natural colours. The range includes rainbow-hued fusilli and conchiglie, as well Herb Speckled Pappardelle and Garlic Chives Spaghetti. To ensure nobody is denied the joys of a warm plate of pasta, the brand also makes gluten-free options for those who need it, with the options of Almond Flour Fettuccine and Foxtail Millet Fusilli. 

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