Homegrown Label 'Qua' Is Crafting Silhouettes Rooted In Future-Forward Elegance

Qua's vision is dedicated to the strong, independent, and fearless women of today.
Qua's vision is dedicated to the strong, independent, and fearless women of today.Qua

Embodying the essence of power and elegance, Qua, named after the Arabic word for strength, is a beacon of contemporary fashion that seamlessly merges modernity with timeless allure. The brand's ethos revolves around creating collections that serve as a natural extension of one's self, fostering confidence and individuality.

Qua's vision is dedicated to the strong, independent, and fearless women of today. Unapologetically confident and ambitious, these women know precisely what they want and assert themselves with grace. The brand understands the multifaceted lives of these modern women, tailoring every piece to reflect their adventurous spirit while prioritizing personal style and comfort over fleeting trends. Qua becomes not just a fashion choice but a discovery of tireless attire for the woman who aspires to move mountains in both her personal and professional journey.

To achieve superior quality, the founders looked beyond India, finding inspiration in Turkey's rich fabrics and production. Combining these high-end materials with meticulous tailoring and a dedicated workforce, Qua's clothing embodies a perfect fusion of elegance and functionality.

Reviving the art of power dressing, Qua's designs boast top-notch cuts, structured shoulders, and meticulous attention to detail. The Sculpted Waistcoat Set exemplifies contemporary workwear with silver textured front buttons, exaggerated shoulder pads, and sharp pleats in the wide-leg trousers. The Minimalist Waistcoat Set combines modernity, power, and prestige, featuring padded shoulders and sleek straight-fit trousers. For those desiring a figure-hugging silhouette, the Hourglass Tailored Dress with boning and smocking ensures a custom fit, enhancing the wearer's natural curves. Meanwhile, the Essential Denim Set redefines casual wear with a trucker-style denim jacket and high-performing denim jeans in a vintage wash, offering a contemporary and chic silhouette.

Qua's commitment to thoughtful designs, premium quality fabrics, and trans-seasonal wear positions it as a go-to brand for the modern woman who seeks empowerment through her wardrobe. As a homegrown brand, Qua is not just redefining fashion; it's crafting a narrative of strength, individuality, and enduring style.

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