#HGSupply: Comet X Santanu Hazarika's Latest Drop Embraces Non-Conformity & Rebellion

 Comet X Santanu Hazarika
Comet X Santanu HazarikaComet

Santanu Hazarika needs no second introduction. Hailing from Assam, he is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, a master doodler, and a name synonymous with sneaker art evolution in India. Santanu has recently dropped a new sneaker collection in collaboration with Comet, a dynamic force in India's footwear landscape, founded by Utkarsh Gupta and Dishant Daryani, that will make you wear your heart on your sleeve, or rather your feet.

When the duo, Utkarsh and Dishant, came back to India from Chicago and wanted to carve a unique brand identity channeling their passion for sneakers, Comet was born. As for their new collection, Santanu’s passion for shoes and keen understanding of visual art and sneaker culture make him the perfect collaborator. The design journey was a true partnership, with both Comet and Santanu contributing their expertise. Santanu led the design, bringing his artistic vision to life, while Comet ensured feasibility without compromising creativity leading to the birth of this flaming bold black and red sneakers, with the iconic Comet logo on its surface.

Santanu Hazarika sporting his and Comet's latest sneaker
Santanu Hazarika sporting his and Comet's latest sneakerComet

This collaboration is not just about footwear; it's a movement. Santanu Hazarika, also an angel investor in this artistic venture, extends his belief beyond design to the promotion and success of Comet as a brand. As the collaboration unfolds, Shantanu's continued involvement ensures that the journey of each pair of shoes doesn't conclude with the sale but resonates in the hearts of those who wear this wearable piece of rebellious expression.

 Comet X Santanu Hazarika
The Dust of Gods X Santanu Hazarika Collection Rings In The Year Of The Tiger In Style

The sneaker is designed in a striking combination of red, black and white featuring the iconic Comet logo, which gives the impression of a shooting star held back by delicate threads, exuding a quiet yet powerful demeanor. The shoe offers three sets of velcro patches, each representing different styles - muted, moderate, or bold. Its graphic print is inspired by Santanu’s love for heavy metal, portrayed by a bold and fearless spread of thorns. The artistic splatter of paint on the sole serves as a stamp of the creator’s distinctive mark - a unique expression of self.

With Comet's limited edition on your feet, step into a world where art, rebellion, and silent screams intertwine. It's a canvas of expression for those who dare to defy conformism and are "never shy, never sorry".

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