Inside The Unassuming Intricacy Of Tosha Jagad's 'Block Cats' Ceramics Collection

The Nerikomi Edit
The Nerikomi EditTosha Jagad

Homegrown ceramics is an area that’s picking up a considerable amount of momentum, with collectors across the country looking to find pieces that match the aesthetic sensibilities of both their own personalities as well as the spaces they inhabit. From workplaces to coffee shops to studios to bedrooms and living spaces; there’s something about the inimitable charm of handmade ceramics that gives its surroundings an instant injection of life, verve, charm and cheer. 

Tosha Jagad is an Indian designer and illustrator who has just released her latest ceramics collection — the Nerikomi Edit. The drop pays tribute to the Japanese decorative process of the same name that incorporates the stacking and cutting of coloured clay to reveal intricate and vivid patterns.  The intricate process that Tosha follows involves twelve hours of wet sanding, bisque firing and transparent glazing. There’s a movement and a flow to the patterns on her handmade pieces that give them an almost surreal quality without being over the top stylistically. The hues and colour palettes imbibe her pieces with an almost rustic charm that paints a picture of a warm, idyllic summer's day. Their four-legged form, which she calls ‘block cats’, also gives them an endearing shape that’s sure to appeal to animal lovers. 

"The Nerikomi Edit is my interpretation of cat coats. If you happen to find me around cats, I'm usually that crazy person marvelling at the patterns and looking at each strand of hair that's sometimes divided in several colours which together form patterns of a cat coat. At times, it is the technique itself that serves as a guiding force, leading towards a distinct style and aesthetic."
Tosha Jagad

There’s an unassuming intricacy to the collection that is augmented by the sense of comfort you get of the motifs and patterns that she incorporates into her work. The Nerikomi Edit is refined yet unpretentious; calm yet electric; simple yet complex. It is these dualities that allow it to stand out. 

As an artist, Tosha has always been drawn to tactile materials and finds a sense of fulfilment in hands-on work that allows her to bring her creative vision to life. Her work as an artist leans towards figurative subjects and she finds zoomorphic subjects particularly appealing. Her current body of work and collections are reflective of this and place a particular emphasis on cats as a theme of creative exploration. 

"I often turn to my sketchbook to document ideas and my subject is usually things that I see around me which includes mundane objects. During this period, Cooks (foster kitten) served as the subject for my sketches, from her toys to her sleeping spots to the mess she created. Gradually, my pencil sketches evolved into clay sculptures. I began crafting tiny cat figurines, experimenting with different shapes and postures. One of the versions was a stripped down geometric cat. It was named the 'Block Cat' based on its form. I wanted the ceramic part of it to be the hero, and the cat served as a great starting point for me."
Tosha Jagad

The Nerikomi edit is currently available in five sizes which can be viewed via a catalogue-only website here

You can follow Tosha’s work and purchase pieces from the collection here