Planners, Journals, & More: Homegrown Brands Creating The Perfect Personal Archives

Planners, Journals, & More: Homegrown Brands Creating The Perfect Personal Archives

Working on our emotional health is an integral part of maintaining a productive state of mind. Many times we find ourselves overburdened with tasks as they lack structure and add to the existing chaos of everyday life. Additionally, we often ignore checking up on ourselves and in such times a helpful tool that prompts us to do the same is vital.

Themed planners and journals now available in the market encourage and help us to do just that. They raise our awareness by promoting gratitude, and self-love and provide tools for management. Here are some homegrown brands creating products that help uplift our mental health and organise our daily lives.

Image Courtesy: Indus People

Indus People

‘Inspired by India, made by India’, their modern and minimal products are aesthetically inspired by the subcontinent. Indus People is a visual narrative capturing the beauty and essence of the region with intricate design and influences that provide the perfect backdrop in their journals and planners. All the products are inspired by a different aspect and in turn exhibit a unique story. Their most recent release, 2023 Daily Planner, takes one on a journey across 12 cities through the course of the year (January to December). Each month has been allotted a different Indian city/region on the basis of a good time to visit it.

Find them here.

Image Courtesy: Odd Giraffe

Odd Giraffe

Driven by a feeling of togetherness, Odd Giraffe makes products that help one feel better or be more organised in life. As strong advocates for belief and optimism, their visual story provides an instant serotonin rush; further creating a welcoming space for one to fully express themselves. Bright colours, expressive prints and all-around smiles are what dictate their aesthetics. Making thankfulness & mindfulness a habit, their wellness journals provide daily prompts to better help people reflect on their day. Odd Giraffe also personalises the experience by adding the customer’s name to their own journals. Their productivity planners provide structure and are available in different prints with playful typography and quotes.

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Image Courtesy: Patrika


Promoting thoughtful planning and mental well-being, Patrika creates themed journals and planners under the guidance of in-house clinical psychologists. With an intention to improve the experience of everyday life, their products use prompts for self-discovery and the reclamation of agency. Termed as ‘awareness tools’, the journals gently raise awareness and destigmatise mental health. Bringing introspection to your every day, these help in recognising emotions and kick start the journey to self-awareness. Additionally, the planners sold under ‘professional tools’, help in the process of tracking and maintaining a routine.

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Image Courtesy: Ninegram


Created by lettering artist Harpreet Pahwa and illustrator Suhasini Penna, Ninegram crafts mindful and pleasing paper products that are premium yet affordable. Borne from their own unique designs, the creative duo love to get their inspiration from travelling around the world. Their products spark joy and help keep one motivated in both personal and professional life and their journals and planners have a refreshing aesthetic and can be purchased with creative stickers that make mundane tasks more enjoyable. The products maintain a minimalistic design language that provides the perfect canvas to explore your thoughts and ideas.

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