Tokiké's Latest Collection Pays Homage To The Vintage, Old-World Charm Of Bombay

Bombay Dreams
Bombay DreamsTokiké

Tokiké, a burgeoning movement driven by and for creators, redefines urban culture and lifestyle through its distinctive bags. Positioned as a beacon of slow fashion, Tokiké celebrates the unconventional, inviting every misunderstood oddball to redefine the narrative of conformity and embrace uninhibited expression. Collaborating with a diverse array of creators, each Tokiké collection emerges as a manifestation of their unique design styles and inspirations, channelling the inner madness and fostering individual expression.

'Bombay Dreams', their latest collection invites wearers into the enchanting tapestry of a bygone era, where every detail is a cherished memory. Inspired by the city that dreamers once called home, Creative Director Riyaz Merchant breathes life into forgotten Bombay architecture, preserving its essence through wearable art. The collection, a vivid ode to the past, narrates tales of the present of yesteryears.

Bombay Dreams
Bombay DreamsTokiké

Characters like Perry, the classicist, embody the unyielding connection to Bombay's roots, finding solace in the vintage lanes and corner houses that hold the city's history. Reita, the explorer, symbolizes the transformative impact of Bombay, having traded a rigid itinerary for seven years of exploration, leaving an indelible mark on the soul. Chernie, the star, bridges dreams with reality, illustrating the journey from childhood aspirations to a life larger than life, rooted in the same colony that shaped Chernie's youth. Freddie, the wanderer, gracefully balances the city's bustling lifestyle with moments of quiet reflection, symbolizing the medley of cultures that define Bombay.

Each character's narrative intricately weaves into the fabric of Bombay Dreams, capturing the essence of the old city through meticulously designed pieces. The collection serves as a homage to the city's timeless charm, where memories are etched in rusted graffiti, on walls that were once meeting spots, and in the quiet alleys and cinemas that tell stories of exploration and dreams. With 'Bombay Dreams', Tokiké not only revitalizes forgotten architecture but also invites wearers to embrace the cultural medley that defines the spirit of Bombay.

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