'We Will Hold You' Is A Homegrown Project Offering A Handcrafted Remedy For Loneliness

'We Will Hold You' is a powerful symbol of connection
'We Will Hold You' is a powerful symbol of connectionNamma Katte

Loneliness. It's a feeling that creeps up on us all; a shadow that stretches across the room even when we're surrounded by people. It can strike in a quiet moment when we're doing nothing but staring at the ceiling or amidst the bustling noise of social media. It's a hollowness that disconnects us from the world.  This paradox is particularly striking for younger generations, who find themselves paradoxically adrift in a sea of online interaction.

Loneliness isn't just an emotional ache; it's a primal need. Touch starvation, the lack of physical comfort from others, have demonstrably negative effects. We are, after all, social creatures wired for connection. This is where the story of Indu Antony and her remarkable project, Namma Katte, becomes a beacon of hope.

Indu Antony, an artist who defied societal expectations to pursue her creative path, understands the power of community. Her artistic projects delve into feminist themes; challenging norms and fostering open dialogue. This spirit of connection extends to her groundbreaking initiative, 'Namma Katte', which translates to "our space" in Kannada.

Namma Katte is a leisure centre in  Bengaluru, it's a space specifically designed for women and children in the neighbourhood.  It's a place of laughter, gossip, and empowerment; a space where vulnerability and strength intertwine. Here, women can dance freely, engage in artistic expression, and even indulge in a comforting cup of chai. It's a space to heal, to dream, and to simply be.

Recognising the profound need for touch, particularly during the isolating pandemic, Antony and the women of the center embarked on a unique project – 'We Will Hold You'. This product, much more than a strong physical object, is a powerful symbol of connection. It's an anxiety and stress reliever and a healer that's been stitched together with the stories and shared experiences of these remarkable women.

Imagine a hand that's a comforting weight in yours.  This isn't a cold, plastic replica, but a hand lovingly crafted by the women of Namma Katte.  Each hand is unique, a mosaic of colors and patterns.  These aren't random choices — the fabrics used are repurposed from colorful blouses, each with its history. Each stitch speaks to the collective spirit of the women who created it. While its floral patterns might whisper of a joyous celebration, its geometric prints are a reminder of shared dreams and goals. This glove-like item is akin to holding hands with a multitude of women and is a powerful symbol of this community that fosters healing and solace.

The weighted aspect of ‘We Will Hold You’ adds another layer of comfort.  The gentle pressure mimics the feeling of a comforting touch; a hug that eases anxiety and promotes relaxation. It's a simple reminder that we are not alone and that connection, even in its most basic form, has the power to mend and soothe.

Through the simple act of human touch, we can find solace and build a sense of belonging. Get yours here.