5 Homegrown Conceptual Photographers Who Redefine Artistic Expression In Fashion

5 Homegrown Conceptual Photographers Who Redefine Artistic Expression In Fashion

Over the years, Instagram has truly evolved into a creative playground unlike any other. While the fashion world is always buzzing with newer and fresher talent, there are always a few that make a mark that is unlike anything else we’ve seen before and who stand out for their ability to experiment, their artistic expression, and their unique approach to traditional methods.

Among fashion photographers, there is a group that has been able to carve a niche of their own due to their unique style and expression. Here is a curation of 5 such creatives from the world of fashion photography.

Aastha Manchanda for Vogue Italia & Heirloom By Rara Avis

I. Aastha Manchanda

Photographer and visual artist Aastha Manchanda specialises in fashion and fine art photography. Focusing on details and atmospheres at the same time, her portraits are able to capture their subjects in all their candidness; evoking emotion in an attempt to capture a feeling.

Her belief in authenticity shines through her photographs. She often photographs for leading magazines like Vogue, Flanelle Magazine and Cereal Mag among others. Of late, the photographer has been experimenting with still life photography, trying to bring inanimate objects to life with photographs.

You can follow Manchanda’s work here.

Arka Patra for Chokhi Chorri & SIMONE ROCHA x H&M

II. Arka Patra

Visual artist and fashion photographer Arka Patra’s personal work is an exploration of human desires and with an identifiable classical narrative, there is a sense of surrealism to his images. As a fashion photographer, he is able to capture emotion and personality with his pictures.

Striking and powerful, his work tackles contemporary issues with blended in elements of the fine arts. They have a sharp focus on props and settings and most of his shoots are indoors.

You can follow Patra’s work here.

Lost In Transalation by Farheen Fatima

III. Farheen Fatima

Chandigarh based photographer and visual storyteller Farheen Fatima has a unique style that makes her work easy to recognise from the rest. Trying to capture the beauty in both the extraordinary and the ordinary, her portraits are both strikingly raw and stunningly natural.

Her photos are a beautiful combination of fine art, fantasy, and fashion, landscapes, and atmospheres. If you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll notice that most posts are accompanied by a strong concept along with the story behind each shoot.

You can follow Fatima’s work here.

Prerna Nainwal for The Cider Lane & Divya Mehta Menswear

IV. Prerna Nainwal

Mumbai-based fashion photographer Prerna Nainwal started photography inspired by her father who would often click pictures of her mother. As a fashion photographer, Prerna tries to be neutral and non-voyeuristic in her approach and has a quite unique experimental style.

Her images are an experimentation of lighting, balance, and space and wonderfully capture each of her subjects in all their glory. With an expressionist approach, she often experiments with novel concepts and artistic expression.

You can follow Nainwal’s work here.

Vansh Virmani for Aikeyah & O'FRIDA

V. Vansh Virmani

Photographer and art director Vansh Virmani’s photographs have a sharp focus on the subject. Having experimented with photojournalism for a long time his fashion projects also carry a sense of storytelling through the subjects expressions and how he prioritises emotions and vulnerability.

‘With fashion projects, I try to bring out the nuances that I learnt as a documentary photographer, maintaining the given brand’s aesthetic and merging this with my sensibilities,’ says Virmani.

You can follow Virmani’s work here.

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