5 Homegrown YouTube Channels Dissecting Pop Culture & Movies For Your Weekly Watch

5 Homegrown YouTube Channels Dissecting Pop Culture & Movies For Your Weekly Watch
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Nowadays we live and breathe social media and YouTube, and it would not be taking it too far to say that we also depend a lot on it to make up our minds on many things. From learning about the latest trends in fashion, to making sure you watch the most highly-rated film or TV show on OTT platforms, we depend a lot on social media and YouTube channels.

Usually, most of us are overwhelmed at the number of TV shows and movies that are available on OTT platforms, and routinely take an hour or two to decide what to watch. But, here’s good news for you!

You can now help yourself to your favourite movies and shows by checking some of these websites and YouTube channels that provide you with reviews on a regular basis.

Scroll down to check out our list:

I. Flickside

It is a fan-powered community of film buffs who are dedicated to covering quality cinema from India and around the world. They talk about, discuss and dissect every film out there, be it old, art or commercial, classic or mainstream, popular or obscure. They reviews films, provide you with film recommendations, tips for emerging filmmakers, as well as roll out features, interviews, trivia and quizzes.

If you want to find out more about them, check out their website here.

II. Tried and Refused Productions

Anmol Jamwal’s Tried & Refused Productions is all about his personal choices. His videos mostly feature film reviews and feature materials. From the Top 5 Indian Advertisements of all time to The 10 Most Amazing Bollywood Actors, he gives us his views on what he thinks about the entertainment world, albeit debatable. There are some funny videos as well on his channel.

You can check out his channel here.

III. Cinez Gaff

Founded in 2020, Cinez Gaff is an entertainment portal where you can find reviews of both old and new movies and web series. The channel is mainly focused on reviewing Hollywood, Bollywood, and Kollywood (Nepali) movies and web series.

Check out their website here.

IV. Only Desi

‘Only Desi’ scratches the surface of some of the most successful and popular Bollywood films and presents us with a side we never thought about. Once his twisted ways of thinking rubs off on you, you are never going to look at those old movies the same way again.

Check out his channel here.

V. Bollywood Sins

Anmol Dhingra’s ‘Bollywood Sins’ picks out the errors and mistakes in Bollywood films and highlights them in a smart and thorough manner. He reveals the blunders made in the films, including narrative loopholes and continuity errors. Anmol is quite a sharp observer and points his fingers at those things which have been missed out by the naked eye.

You can check out his channel here.

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