A Delhi Organization Is Providing Animals With Shelter During The Ongoing Cold Wave

A Delhi Organization Is Providing Animals With Shelter During The Ongoing Cold Wave
Stray Talk India

As the cold wave gets stronger in North India with each passing year, we are urged to question our societal infractures that fail to provide safety to the most vulnerable. Presently, the national capital is freezing and the situation is equally bad in adjoining cities such as Gurgaon and Noida. While citizens are struggling to keep up with the dropping temperature within the confines of our homes, there are stray animals on the streets of Delhi NCR left to cope with the severe weather conditions without any resources. 

A knight in shining armour, Mr. Jagjit Singh of ‘Stray Talk India’ is taking up the task of providing these animals with some form of refuge. His organisation has been creating free shelters with the use of discarded plastic and wooden drums which are further lined with mattresses inside. Due to the good work done by this non-profit, animals in the NCR region find themselves secured from the biting cold to a huge degree.  

The extensive work has however led to a shortage of shelters but the organisation has found unique ways of coping with the situation. They are now repurposing any form of cardboard boxes usually found discarded in our storage cabinets as durable forms of shelter. The volunteers are also urging citizens to donate any cartons going to waste in their homes. They are also seeking to further amplify the urgency of the situation during this prolonged cold wave, as many of us can contribute to making the lives of stray animals in our own localities slightly better. 

If in the NCR region you can pick up shelters from Stray Talk India’s centre from 11 am onwards and further distribute them in more localities or take up the task of helping strays around an area. As a community, it is time for us to act in the shared interest of all beings and be more mindful of the helpless around us. Through these small, but vital efforts we can provide considerable relief to many who are struggling to even survive and usher in a new tomorrow of an attentive, thoughtful and charitable society.  

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