Be A Part Of A Mumbai Festival Celebrating Traditional & Contemporary Cultural Art Forms

Be A Part Of A Mumbai Festival Celebrating Traditional & Contemporary Cultural Art Forms
Kula Festival

Initiated as a platform to bring together different views, Kula Festival, taking place in Mumbai, aims to present a global community of artists, all of whom represent distinct contemporary art forms and traditional cultural practices including tattoos, performing arts, music, graffiti, crafts, digital arts, and gaming.

The festival will create an occasion for the community to engage in a healthy and objective exchange. Apart from promoting the arts and culture, both traditional and contemporary, Kula vies to enhance understanding within and beyond the community of practice. It will be taking place from 13th January 2023 to 15th January 2023 at Nesco Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. 

One of the many artists participating in the event is Sameer Patange. The man behind 'Kraayonz Tattoo', a brand which promotes ethical practices in the world of Indian tattooing. Additionally the festival will see Sunny Bhanushali, a globally renowned tattoo artist who works on Photo-Realistic tattoos, hyper-realistic tattoos, and conceptual tattoos based on Hindu mythology.

Bringing the magic of authentic hand-poked tattoos to Kula, artist Mangala Bai will explore cultural traditions through indigenous godna styles such as birchha, poothi and tipka. Moreover the event will welcome performances from Kiss Nuka, a live-wire performer who conveys stories through soundscapes and magical visuals. 

Some of the other major artists appearing are Jason Dsouze also known as 'Mr. Piercer' who has been a pioneer in the professional piercing realm in India, with over 17 years of experience. In addition to India’s first all-female hip hop collective 'Wild Wild Women', featuring rappers, B-girls and graffiti artists. 

Learn more about the artist line-up, the program and get the latest updates here.