Plant-Based Eating: A Homegrown Guide To Vegan Restaurants In Mumbai

Plant-Based Eating: A Homegrown Guide To Vegan Restaurants In Mumbai
L: Earth Cafe ; R: Seeds Of Life

The struggle to find organic and healthy eating options is well known to most of us. Especially for people with chronic illnesses, heart-related issues and food allergies, vegan meals are a must. In a pool of restaurants only serving food options with a heavy dose of sugar and carbs, there are a few cafes that are making the difference.

Offering consciously cooked meals with gluten and dairy-free options that are based on plant-based nutrition. The farm-to-fork concepts promote a better food system as well where truly organic meals are offered with 100% transparency. Here are five vegan restaurants around Mumbai on our radar to help find your perfect indulgence.

Seeds Of Life

A fine-dining cafe with a great ambience, Seeds Of Life makes vegan eating a vibrant affair. Their menu offers indulgence with a focus on nutritious food, creating gluten-free and dairy-free options without compromising on taste. The cafe in Bandra & Juhu is a safe haven for people looking for a low carb diet. Some of their top selling vegan dishes are ‘Classic Melt’ and the ‘Green Goddess Pizza’.

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Earth Cafe

An all-vegan eatery, Earth Cafe in Bandra serves a large selection of the most innovative dishes. If you are looking to binge on a filling meal that refrains from the use of toxic ingredients, their menu offers an assortment of healthy meals that promote guilt-free eating. The affordable prices make them easily accessible and the nutritious yet mouth-watering desserts are a must have flavourful options.

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Birdsong Organic Cafe

A rustic split level brick space, Birdsong Organic Cafe is an inviting eatery where customers can savour the flavours of organic food. A departure from high carb diets, they offer vegan options with a wide selection of freshly made sandwiches, colourful fruit salads and creamy gluten-free pasta. The appetising meals are a perfect option for someone who seeks to diversify their food palette while remaining conscious of the ingredients.

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Yogisattva Cafe

A plant based cafe in Bandra, Yogisattva is a 100% vegan and gluten-free eatery. The farm-to-fork cafe serves the perfect healthy bite using organic ingredients. The full-time restaurant offers a vegan cuisine that is meant to cleanse the body as opposed to the high carb diets inducing heartburn and multiple other issues. Their modaks are a bestseller available in six special varieties.

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Aharveda- Vegan & Beyond

Preparing vegan food without any harmful additives, Aharveda is the perfect spot to indulge in flavourful meals without compromising on health. Made without oil, sugar and gluten, some of their famous dishes are ‘Khao Suey’ and ‘Veg Sizzler’. The restaurant takes extra steps to add to the customers experience with pleasing plating and presentation. Additionally the calming ambience compliments the unique preparations as well.

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