A Guide To Homegrown Comedy Clubs Across India

A Guide To Homegrown Comedy Clubs Across India

These days comedy shows abound aplenty, no matter where in the country you are. The stand-up scene in India is currently so different to even 10 or 15 years ago. While most comics could be found writing for the silver screen or on TV, YouTube gave rise to some of our favourite comedians today. From Kanan and Biswa’s Pretentious Movie Reviews to All India Bakchod’s infamous roast; Indian comedians have now become entwined with the political and cultural background of our country, especially among Gen-Z and Millennials.

Through the years we have seen numerous comedy clubs popping up all across the country where they host everyone from world-famous comedians to organising open mics for amateurs looking to hone their craft and entertain people. Check out our list here!


I. Open Mics By Kasa Kai

Mumbai-based Kasa Kai was started by a group of students from around the country, to create a community — and hobby-driven company. Now in 13 cities across the country, they organise open mics for people to gather over chai-biscuits and watch people perform everything from comedy to poetry and music. At a relatively more inexpensive price of INR 250, you can perform in front of a supportive audience,or discover some of the most talented undiscovered performers.

Find them here.

II. That Comedy Club
Bandra-based That Comedy Club hosts some of the biggest names in Indian comedy today and is India’s longest-running comedy club. Located in a super small room in Bandra’s Pali Hill area, you never know what you’re going to find here — either a super famous comedian or an undiscovered gem.

Find them here.

III. The Grin Revolution

Known for hosting some of Mumbai’s most intimate gigs, mostly at Versova’s Leaping Windows Cafe, The Grin Revolution gives a stage to India’s established comics as well as newcomers from time to time. Here’s your chance to sample your favourite comedians’ work-in-progress jokes in a super relaxed and informal venue.

Find them here.

IV. The Habitat

The Habitat is probably one of India’s most famous clubs for all open-mic events. Most recognisable by their two-pronged H logo, they have clubs from a small 70-seater room to a bigger 250-seater club. Habitat has something for everyone, considering they also do corporate events. They are the home club to many Indian comics who got their start performing open mics at the small Khar-based venue.

Find them here.


V. The Social House

Launched in 2017, The Social House is one of Delhi’s premier venues to catch an open mic show. Every Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm, the venue opens its doors to the All ‘Bout Comedy show, featuring newcomers and established comedians alike.

Find them here.

VI. Punch Liners India

Delhi-based Punch Liners organises open-mic comedy events all across India. With all your favourite comedians on their roster, get the chance to see everyone from Sorabh Pant to Urooj Ashfaq at one of their venues.

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VII. YUCK Comedy Club

Bangalore-based YUCK Comedy Club was started by Kanan Gill to encourage new talent in the city to come and show off their comedic prowess. If you get lucky you might even get to see Gill perform one of his rare live sets.

Find them here.

VIII. Drunkling Comedy Club

In association with Earthlings Comedy Club, Drunklings puts on a comedy show every weekend. First and foremost a sizzler pub, you can burn your tongue and cry your eyes out with laughter at the same time.

Find them here.

IX. Ministry of Comedy

Bangalore’s newest comedy club based in Koramangala has started off with a bang. Hosting shows and open mics almost every day, along with specials from local Bangalore comics, this place has everything. Don’t miss their upcoming Friendly Fire Roast hosted by Rupen Paul to see up-and-coming comics battle it out with darkly funny jokes.

Find them here.


X. Topcat Retired Comedy Club

Launched in the middle of the pandemic, retired comedian Sourav Ghosh’s new venture marks the beginning of the rise of comedy clubs in Kolkata. Touted as Kolkata’s only comedy club currently, it is a home base for the rising talent of Kolkata’s stand-up community. Previously, these comics had to travel to Mumbai or Delhi to get a spot at one of their numerous clubs, but with the launch of TCRCC, they can grow and nurture their talent right at home.

Find them here.


XI. Words and Sips Book Cafe

A book cafe is probably not the first place you would think of for an open-mic comedy show, but Words and Sips Book Cafe in Pune hosts regular open-mics for upcoming artists to practice and perfect their sets. This cafe is a great way to find undiscovered talent as well as to perform in front of a non-judgmental audience.

Find them here.

XII. Orange Comedy Club

OCC organises comedy events all across Pune with free shows every Wednesday and Thursday night. They also have a focus on Marathi comedy and give rookie comedians a chance to really understand how their sets vibe with their audiences. Their shows are hosted super frequently, so don’t worry if you miss one, you can always catch another at a later time.

Find them here.

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