A Homegrown Guide To India Art Fair 2022

A Homegrown Guide To India Art Fair 2022

As the world wakes up from its slumber and an irritably long period of isolation in the wake of the pandemic, there’s a renewed appreciation and gratitude for all lived experiences. Revelling in the magic of all things that makes life worth living, art is a primary factor keeping the beacon of hope alive and burning brighter than ever.

With the quarantine norms easing and a bustling energy returning to public spaces, the 13th Indian Art Fair is set to kick off this weekend in the capital city. Welcoming news for art enthusiasts and patrons of all things creative, the event is being hosted in New Delhi’s NSIC Exhibition Grounds from April 28th to May 1st after a two-year break due to the pandemic.

The art fiesta is set to be the biggest event on Homegrown’s cultural calendar. With over 75 exhibitors participating, consisting of 62 galleries and 13 institutions, we’re here to help you navigate and find your way across the multi-faceted event.

I. The Future Is Femme by Aravani Art Project

One of the central pieces at the fair is the life-sized mural created by trans-women and cis women’s collective — Aravani Art Project. The project aims to embrace alternate voices and seeks to create an all-inclusive space through art, awareness and social participation.

Building an open space that encourages discussions, debates and dialogue surrounding gender identities, the project mural conveys a strong voice for the community and stems from the idea of intersectional feminism,

II. Young Collectors Programme

Looking towards a brighter future for the next generation of artists and art professionals, the Young Collectors programme is an enlivening part of that fair that seeks to help the new generation of art connoisseurs with the know-how and a quick guide to making their first purchases.

Including a range of art walkthroughs, artist studio visits and masterclasses with textile maestro Gurjeet Singh hosted at Bodice, the programme is set to be a learning space for all.

Featuring a talk from Berlin-based collector couple Ingrid & Thomas Jochheim, participants are sure to develop an in-depth insight on the world of collection, the process of building personal relationships with artists and much more.

III. Through The Looking Glass

Delving into a deeper issue through the medium of art is this interactive installation revolving around themes of mental health. Capturing the importance of emotional expression and self-awareness by showcasing the tryst of nine young adults exploring their narratives, the project is supported by director of Ashoka centre of well-being and design expert Sumant Jayakrishnan.

IV. Lighted Cave

Space 118 grant-winning sculptor and artist Tapan Moharana brings a refreshing lens to indigenous culture and art practices. Moharana’s project showcases Odisha’s practice of shadow puppetry known as Rabana Chaya, which builds upon the region’s ecosystem and displacement. Using leather puppets, clay materials and paper-based objects to create an immersive visual show of light and shadow, his project is a commentary on mythology, ancient traditions of puppetry and its symbolism in present-day social-political structure

V. Method India x Madstarbase

For the very first time ever, the fair has nominated a ‘Young Patron of the Year’, the rising musical stars MadStarBase, who will introduce the new up-and-coming Mumbai gallery, Method, in a special exhibition titled ‘Fresh Produce’ during India Art Fair week in New Delhi.

An extraordinary example of peer support, the collaboration marks the expanding cultural zeitgeist of arts and culture coming together to nurture a new generation of artists, art collectors, and patrons.

Find out more about the art fair here.

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