Delhi, This Stunning Artist Residency Is Just An Hour Away From The City

Delhi, This Stunning Artist Residency Is Just An Hour Away From The City

Would you believe us if we told you that just an hour outside the nation’s capital lies an artist’s paradise? Anupamaa Mangar is the newest artist residency on the block, an oasis of calm and serene beauty. Started by artist Anupamaa Dayal, the space was initially for friends who wanted to enjoy village life in India, but now doors have opened for artists and travellers from all over the world.

Anupamaa Mangar is located close to Mangar Bani, one of the last sacred groves of India. For a little back story, it is said that the grove is protected by the spirit of Baba Gudariya. Legend has it that Baba Gudariya entered a cave to meditate and received enlightenment there, after which no villager has ever cut or felled down a tree in Mangar. As a result this magical forest is home to several species extinct elsewhere, like the beautiful Dhau tree. The forest also houses wildlife such as leopards, bear, deer , rich bird life and at least 90 species of butterflies, lending plenty of inspiration for artists wanting to get away into nature’s arms.

The home has been designed using signature Anupamaa artwork, with jade green painted exteriors and bold painted modern Mughal graphics. “In the main living space , the walls are painted to depict a stylized Mangar forest, the Dhau tree, winged apsaras and winged deer. The five bedrooms are named and designed in keeping with some of our popular collections,” Anupamaa tells us. Artists can stay for as long as they want. Currently, they have weekend, weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages and they also customize each to fit the artist’s needs, all while providing farm fresh meals (included in the cost).

Endorsing the idea that simplicity is the new luxury, the residency is all set to host yoga classes, meditation workshops, block printing classes, musical performances and nature walks which Anupamaa is only to happy to host herself. She says, “if I had not been a designer I would have liked to be a naturalist!” If this hasn’t got you packing your bags, scroll on and prepare to be transported to a world made of beauty and art.

Cost: All the packages are customised based on the artist’s needs. For a weekend getaway, the package starts at INR 7800 including all three meals.

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