A Week-Long Silent Art Auction In Mumbai With A Cause

A Week-Long Silent Art Auction In Mumbai With A Cause

The state of Nagaland (as well as some other neighbouring states such as Assam) was hit with devastating floods, causing loss of lives, homes and infrastructure. Even though 13% of the population has been affected and over 3000 people displaced, media attention on its condition has been seriously low. Recognising this, Social Offline is partnering up with Kranti Art Theory to hold a silent art auction, ARTery to raise money for the reconstruction of the state, by donating it to the Nagaland Chief Minister’s Fund.

Turning to art for the better was a no-brainer for the team, as Shobita Kadan, Director- Marketing and Strategy, Impresario Hospitality and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd comments, “SOCIAL is an integral part of the cultural landscape of the young urban consumer. Both art and contributing to the greater good are things that matter to them - so why not bring both into one space? We wanted to provide a platform for artists who wished to contribute to the rehabilitations through their creations.”

The event was also held in Bangalore, Pune, and Chandigarh (and will also be held in Delhi) with good response from their patrons. The team is especially happy with the media attention, for it’s achieving the purpose of getting more people to talk about Nagaland as well as popularising independent artists. They’re expecting the same from Mumbai, known for its thriving cultural space, to turn up and support art for a good cause. Just as people came together for Kerala, they’re aspiring for the national consciousness to turn towards Nagaland as well.

The artists curated by Kranti Art Theory are an exciting line-up of creatives from the city and includes Madhav Nair (deadtheduck), Sajid Wajid Shaikh, Nikhil Acquilla, Sashank Manohar (Skanke), Poorva Shingre, Tanya Eden, and Sushant Pawar. The auction kicks off at Khar Social, on the 30th of September, at 5 pm with a collaborative live event by Madhav Nair and Sajid Wajid Shaikh, who will talk about their art pieces and interact with the audience. It then goes on every day till the 5th of October, between 9 am to 1 pm. The auction has also been extended in Pune at the Viman Nagar Social outlet till the 2nd of October, from 11 am till 9 pm. There is no charge for entry, so do go check this out if you want to see cool art and contribute for a pressing cause.

Representational feature image: Silent Auction that took place in Chandigarh

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