Amrit Pal Singh Is Blazing A Bold New Trail for Homegrown NFTs

Amrit Pal Singh Is Blazing A Bold New Trail for Homegrown NFTs

Selling your digital art today has gotten infinitely interesting, owing largely to the massive rise of the NFT market space. The trend which only began to boom in India during the latter half of 2021 is now rapidly catching up in terms of its popularity and the sheer number of artists and illustrators who are now exploring it.

From Bollywood veterans to Indian cricketers, the NFT space is now expanding its horizons in India and the transition has been nothing short of fascinating.

Amongst thousands of creators who have made their creative breakthroughs in the NFT market this year, Amrit Pal Singh stands out for more reasons than one. The 32-year old artist and designer has made over 1 million dollars in a matter of nine months in the early stages of India’s NFT transition.

The artist, who stepped into the market space in February this year, had a significant breakthrough with his latest 3D character portrait series, Toy Faces. Amrit talked about his journey into NFTs and their future in a scintillating conversation with Homegrown.

HG: Talk to us briefly about your journey in design and illustration so far.

Amrit: I have been designing for nearly 10 years now; across brand and product design to 3D illustrations. I have worked with clients from everywhere and also design my own line of products including mobile apps, picture books, card games, and digital toys.

In 2019, I decided to pursue being an independent visual artist full-time and since then I have been only focusing on my 3d illustrations and art. I have been commissioned by clients like Google, Adobe, Netflix, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

HG: Your NFTs have grossed over 1 million dollars in just under 9 months. Has the response altered the way you create?

Amrit: The response has definitely enabled me to trust myself more than I used to. When I started off I had a lot of doubts, probably an imposter syndrome and now I am in a much better place where I love what I am doing and trust my instincts way more. It’s hard to make a grand plan since this medium is so new thing keeps evolving every day. It’s very crucial to have that trust in your intuition and judgment.

HG: Tell us briefly about Toy Faces.

Amrit: Before they were NFTs, I created Toy Faces as an avatar library in June 2020 because there was a lack of diversity and representation when it came to illustrations. It got a lot of love and attention from the community.

Now it has evolved into a portraiture style where most of them are about nostalgia and a child-like sense of wonder. They are non-generative; I create them one by one based on my personal inspirations. Along with that, I have started working on commissions and collaborations.

HG: What are your expectations for the Indian NFT market space?

Amrit: NFTs are a global movement and artists need to understand that. I will advise them to be part of NFTs globally. India has a very small set of collectors when it comes to NFTs, it is growing every day but till then there is a lot going on on a global scale and it’s full of opportunities.

I feel NFT marketplaces trying to cater based on geography will struggle to do justice to their artists and collectors. This entire model of replicating a global trend and making it specific to India won’t work this time. Web3 is revolutionary and this mindset will hold the community back.

You can check out Amrit’s work here.

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