An Open House In Hyderabad Is Providing Free Board & Lodging To Those In Need

Andari Illu

The urban landscape can sometimes resemble a bustling jungle, teeming with dreams, aspirations, and a constant struggle for survival. Amidst this promising facade, however, lies the reality that a few twists of fate can leave individuals without a place to call home and no means to sustain themselves. In these moments of vulnerability, the importance of a safe haven cannot be overstated, as it often becomes a matter of life or death. Luckily, in Hyderabad, a remarkable sanctuary has emerged as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos, where anyone can find solace, sustenance, and a respite from the unforgiving wilderness of the city.

The Doctor couple are also known for their campaigns on educating women about medical malpractices like unnecesary hysterectomies.
The Doctor couple are also known for their campaigns on educating women about medical malpractices like unnecesary hysterectomies.Civil Society

Andari Illu, translating to 'Open House' is a shelter for people where they can stay, eat and read for free. Founded in 2006 by a doctor couple — Dr Surya Prakash Vinjamuri and Dr S V Kameshwari, under their NGO, 'Life-Health Reinforcement Group' (Life-HRG), Andari Illu stands as a testament to their commitment to promoting health and protecting life. Dr. Prakash, driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact, quit his job in 1999 and established Life-HRG in his two-story house. With the support of his wife's gynaecology clinic on the upper floor and their combined resources, the couple embarked on a journey to alleviate suffering and address pressing social issues.

Andari Illu, nestled in Kothapet, has become a haven for individuals from all walks of life. Students and patients travelling to the city for exams and medical care, job seekers unable to afford a meal, and those who have found themselves on the streets without food or shelter can seek solace in this open house, along with women who are seeking refuge from abusive households or those left homeless. At Andari Illu, the only requirement for entry is the need for assistance, transcending religion, caste, or any other societal barrier.

The library at Andari Illu, Hyderabad.
The library at Andari Illu, Hyderabad.The Better India

The open house provides a shared kitchen space, generously stocked with groceries and cooking equipment. From rice, pulses and oil to fresh vegetables, all the necessary ingredients are made available throughout the day. One of the rooms have also been turned into a library with bookshelves filled with academic and literary books. The house nourishes both body and mind of its guests, fostering a sense of belonging and personal growth that breaks the chains of isolation that can come from being marginalized without resources.

Sometimes, the only difference between those who 'make it' in this world and those who fall through the cracks of society is resources and support. The Open House in Hyderabad has been and continues to be a beacon of support for those who need it. Representing the power of compassion and collective action, Andari Illu not only addresses immediate physical needs like food and shelter but also nurtures a spirit of solidarity, reminding us that we all have a role to play in creating a more inclusive and fair society.

You can find the location of the Open House here.

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