Apply For A United States-Sponsored Virtual Music Residency & Exchange This January


I have always believed that the patrons of the arts are as important as the artists themselves. If there were none who appreciated and nurtured the arts, who would the artists be creating for? There are several talented musicians throughout India, let alone the world. The independent music scene is thriving like never before and ever since the proliferation of the Internet, learning music or spreading it around has become more accessible than ever. However, a true artist is always looking to hone his craft. There’s no end to learning and this brings us to what I wanted to share with you today.

There is an exciting and enriching opportunity open to musicians from all around the world. A music residency and exchange, sponsored by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs called OneBeat is currently accepting applications. It is a program created in partnership between Bang on a Can and Found Sound Nation (FSN), the social engagement wing of Bang on a Can. FSN is a collective of musicians and artists who harness the power of creative sound-making to create strong, healthy communities. FSN began in the Bronx in 2007 and has worked with musicians across the globe. FSN projects give voice to underrepresented communities, bridging cultural, economic, and geographical gaps.

OneBeat is accepting applications for OneBeat Virtual 4, which will digitally convene approximately 20 musicians, sound artists, and sonic explorers, from 50 eligible countries and territories. This fully virtual residency program will take place from July 10th - September 4th, 2023. During this 8-week period, the chosen artists will investigate new forms of virtual collaboration, form ensembles to write, record, and perform genre-defying work, attend virtual masterclasses and open studios, lead online workshops, and produce a final presentation for a global audience.

The chosen fellows will receive a $1,500 USD honorarium as well as a stipend for purchasing necessary audio equipment and enhanced internet connectivity. They are looking for applicants who excel in the following areas:

Musical Excellence & Innovation – A high level of performance, composition, improvisational, production, and/or technological skills.

Social Engagement – Musicians who have used music to serve their communities or greater societies. This might consist of guiding young people in music education, addressing social-political issues, reviving dying musical traditions, etc.

Collaboration – Applicants’ willingness to reach across cultural and musical divides in creating original music or re-interpreting traditional music, while respecting the essence of each tradition.

The applications are open for submission from January 17 - February 17, 2023. Musicians (aged 19-35) from all genres can apply. Applicants will be notified by the end of May 2023.

You can apply to the OneBeat Virtual 4 by clicking here.

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