Chennai, Turn Your Old Denim Into Eco-Friendly Paper At This One-Of-A-Kind Workshop

Chennai, Turn Your Old Denim Into Eco-Friendly Paper At This One-Of-A-Kind Workshop
Inspired at Fika

Did you know that those faded jeans tucked away in your closet hold the potential to be reborn as beautiful, one-of-a-kind paper

An exciting workshop, at Inspired at Fika, will challenge your creativity and transform your perspective on waste. The denim & recycled paper making workshop will unearth the secrets to this sustainable craft. You will be guided through the process of creating handmade paper from scratch, all while giving your old denim a new purpose. 

This workshop is a fun activity whilst also celebrating and encouraging of sustainable practices. Learn how to utilise recycled materials, like scrap paper, alongside your denim scraps.  This not only reduces waste but also empowers you to create something entirely new and functional. 

The workshop doesn't stop at denim and recycled paper. You can unleash your inner artist and experiment with a palette of natural dyes and explore the wonders of nature and discover how to incorporate botanical elements into your paper creations, adding a touch of organic beauty and texture. 

Inspired at Fika is considered the ideal space for artistic expression with snacks and beverages, which aids the workshop in fostering a sense of community and creativity.  This space is designed to ignite your imagination and provides a perfect environment to connect with fellow enthusiasts while learning a valuable skill.

So, ditch the fast-fashion mentality and embrace a more sustainable approach to living.  Join the denim & recycled paper making Workshop, and discover the transformative power of turning old denim into beautiful, eco-friendly paper.


DATE: Sunday, May 19, 2024

TIME: From 4 pm to 7 pm. 

PRICE: Rs 1500 per person

All materials & refreshments included.

With limited spots available, be sure to reserve yours as soon as possible. Simply send a DM Inspired at Fika to secure your spot and learn more about this exciting opportunity.