Greensole: A Vegan & Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand That Recycles Discarded Shoes

Greensole: A Vegan & Eco-Friendly Footwear Brand That Recycles Discarded Shoes

While we may have some semblance of where our discarded waste goes, rarely do we ever think about this when it comes to our shoes. Most of them end up in landfills and of course, given their non-biodegradable nature, they remain in those landfills, essentially forever.

Greensole is an eco-conscious footwear brand that attempts to tackle this global issue and starts right here in India. They make use of discarded shoes and recycle them into comfortable footwear. Not only do they keep a fair number of shoes out of landfills, Greensole goes ahead and provides these very shoes to the children who need them most.

Greensole does not stop there in its efforts to make an impact both socially and environmentally. They also retail footwear that is vegan and has minimal carbon emissions. These are made-to-order so that there is no surplus material that goes to waste. At every step, Greensole looks out for ways to limit any damage done to the environment. There are several collection centres across the country too, that allow people to drop off their used shoes to be refurbished into new ones.

The larger aim lies in becoming a self-sustaining social venture, and not simply a footwear retail brand. With an increase in pollutants through various sources, Greensole’s vision of not only recycling but also repurposing in a manner that provides protection and comfort to those who always needed it is commendable. It seems to be more than a venture to simply provide shoes. It is about providing quality, eco-conscious and sustainable protective footwear to those who need it most.

Through recycling, as well as their vegan footwear, Greensole embodies all that a forward-thinking and broad-minded homegrown brand should be. What may seem like just another footwear brand is actually a way to empower communities, give them their due integrity, and keep in mind that we ultimately owe the environment kindness.

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