‘Chhello Show’ Is India’s Official Entry To The 2023 Academy Awards

‘Chhello Show’ Is India’s Official Entry To The 2023 Academy Awards
Image Courtesy: Chhello Show

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a steady rise in the quality of homegrown productions; particularly in regional film industries across the country. This resurgence of Indian cinema has not gone unnoticed by film festivals and award shows worldwide with numerous Indian productions receiving both plaudits and recognition from global audiences and auteurs; all of who yearn for fresh, exciting narratives as well as captivating characters that deviate from the archetypes of mainstream western cinema.

Chhello Show’ (Last Film Show), India’s official entry to the 2023 edition of the Academy Awards, encapsulates all of this perfectly and has beaten out stiff competition from box office heavyweights such as the mercurial, thrill-a-minute ‘RRR’.

Chhello Show tells the story of a small-town boy who falls in love with the art of filmmaking. The film juxtaposes the unmistakable magic of the cinema and a young boy’s tenacious determination to follow his dreams despite the harsh realities and circumstances of life.

Director Pan Nalin and his team weave together a narrative and take their audience on a journey chock-full of childlike wonder and discovery amidst the serene backdrop of a rural India still grappling with changing times and conventions; casting cinema and storytelling as an almost alchemic vehicle through which the protagonist is able to find an escape from his trials and tribulations.

The film was chosen unanimously by a jury of 17 experts from across the film industry and has been nominated in the category of Best International Feature Film. Chhello Show is set to release in India on October 14, 2022.

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