Customise Your Own Handcrafted Guitar At This Goan Guitar Workshop

Customise Your Own Handcrafted Guitar At This Goan Guitar Workshop

Have you ever found yourself admiring a stellar guitar or holding an acoustic, as you wonder how it came into existence? A seemingly simple music instrument, the process of building a guitar by a person known as a luthier is quite complex.

The laborious process of guitar manufacture by a guitar builder or luthier generally involves selecting, sawing, and glueing various wood pieces to form a finished instrument. A labour of love that requires time, patience and dexterity; guitar making isn’t for the easily distracted as it requires a huge amount of focus, precision and of course, a love for the instrument.

India boasts of its very own crop of musicians, instrumentalists and luthiers doing their bit to keep our love for music alive. Bigfoot Guitars is one such notable luthier defining the world of string instruments in India. The Goa-based workshop is a one-stop solution offering custom made, acoustic, and electric guitars and ukuleles. Apart from stringy solutions, electric repairs and modifications, Bigfoot Guitars allow its buyers and guitar enthusiasts to be a part of the designing process to build their own masterpieces from scratch!

Karan Singh, the founder of the workshop started out as a self-taught guitar enthusiast who slowly expanded his footprint in the world of lutherie. Driven by his love for the instrument and the urge to master the field, Singh sought out experiences and trained with skilled peers in the industry before starting off on his own.

Now an expert experimenting with innovative aesthetics and quality wood blends, Karan has been running Bigfoot for more than a decade. His design philosophy is a concoction of time spent chalking out ideas, conversations with his mentor and loads of experimentation. Bigfoot constructs sleek guitars out of local, sustainable species of wood to be able to expand the offerings along with bringing non-traditional woods into the world of lutherie.

“My primary focus is on tone and playability. These are complimented by unique and elegant aesthetics, which add a little flavour of India. On the acoustic front, my guitars are built keeping the contemporary finger-style player in mind; expect an emphasis on note separation, a big low-end, fat treble, and plenty of harmonic overtones. More recently, the offerings have expanded to include electric instruments as well.”

— Karan Singh on his working philosophy.

Using a diverse range of wood and guitar hardware suited to each customer’s needs, Bigfoot is all about creating state-of-the-art homegrown guitars. The Indian workshop offers a wide range of high end electric, bass and acoustic guitars all over the world that are worth checking out!

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