Experience The Chaotic Beauty Of Dadar’s Flower Market With This Photostory

Experience The Chaotic Beauty Of Dadar’s Flower Market With This Photostory
Tej Singh

Dadar’s beloved flower market is a beautiful amalgamation of culture, people, frenzy and of course, flowers. The vibrant pulse of the locality, the market is haven for people across different walks of lives. Its ambience reflects Mumbai’s tireless spirit as the place buzzes with colourful turmoil. Starting as early as 3 in the morning, the market magnetises people during festival season, but the hustle never stops.

To capture its very essence, 21-year-old Tej Singh set out on a quest to bring the flower market to life with his photographs. Chaos and calm lay side by side as Tej’s picture recreates the magic of the place. Colours and movements take a whole new meaning as the photostory portrays Dadar like never before.

We had a chance to speak to the young photographer as he told us more about the project, his creative instincts, inspiration and more.

Tell us about your project.

My photo story is about the Dadar Flower market. The market is chaotic yet beautiful and full of variety of flowers. The market starts at 3 in the early morning and ends at 9am. The market is like a festival which happens everyday. The hustle bustle, constant movement and a mix of various societal classes inspired me to shoot the series.

‘HG loves’ the interplay with the movements and the stillness merging together in photographs.

Tej Singh

What are some of your biggest inspirations over the years of your artistic career?

Here are some of my favourite pieces of art -

“Land of Nothingness” photostory by Maroesjka Lavigne.

“India Unplugged” photostory by Padmanabhan Rangarajan.

“Grand Budapest Hotel” film by Wes Anderson.

“Fantastic Mr. Fox” film by Wes Anderson.

Describe your creative process and the purpose with which you create.

My creative process is rather upfront. I see things in a literal sense. I will take long exposure shots to show movement, as was the case in this series. I aim to capture my subject in its true, raw nature.

Tej Singh

What is the first piece of art/photograph/film/music that impacted you deeply?

Chirstopher Nolan’s Inception for sure.

If you could propose and lead a project with the Indian Government, what would it be?

I would definitely like to lead the Clean Ganga project.

Which is your favourite piece of work of your own & why?

This is the link to one of my favourite photo. I like this photo because it has two different perspectives. In the mirror where you see a kid lying on a mattress on the side of the road and the wall where the mirror is kept. This photo depicts the story of a kid who live by the side of the road. The foot path is his dressing room and balcony.

On a personal note -

One track you’re currently listening to?

‘Street Fighter Mas’ by Kamashi Washington.

A project you wish you were a part of?

Bill Coleman: A Long Term Photo Project.

Your favourite midnight munchies?

Whatever is available in the fridge.

Your greatest vice?

Smell of petrol.

Tej Singh

If you liked Tej’s work, check out his Instagram here.

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