Explore Consent, Power Play & Kink At This Mumbai Play Dating Event

Attend The Upcoming Mumbai Event ‘Kink Blueprint’ To Explore Consent & Power Play
Explore Consent, Power Play & Kink At This Mumbai Play Dating Event

An upcoming dating event in Mumbai is perfect for those interested in kink and its various expressions. Organised by Intimacy Curator, a company geared at self-discovery through somatic experiences, Kink Blueprint is divided into educational and entertainment-focused parts. The event will take off by providing participants with scripts to start getting familiar with kinky scenarios and role-play.

Providing a space to navigate personal likes and dislikes, sexual preferences and power exchanges. It can help you attain comfort in what you seek to achieve from your desires by gaining autonomy. Such spaces also help in understanding boundaries as a part of self-care. Additionally, one can develop the skills necessary to communicate with their partner or partners.

At the venue, they first get introduced to consent, negotiation and aftercare through an educational session and later get clustered based on their sexual, gender and relationship style choices. Participants will wear masks as they explore giving and receiving the four broad realms of Sensory Deprivation, Humiliation & Fear, Service & Care, and mild Impact Play.

Everyone gets selected tools and four to five people to play with in order to experience a variety of individual play. The play experience is followed by getting to know the people participants have played with. Furthermore, those interested in understanding their kinks better can approach the Kink Blueprint desk at the venue.

As we begin to explore intimacy and fantasies beyond singular narratives, there ought to be a yearning to understand these concepts at a personal level. The safe environment provided by such events provides room to understand your own kinks, practise individual play, and experiment with others.

You can register here.

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