How Team India Made A Huge Splash At The 2023 Asian Surfing Championships

India's participation in the 2023 Asian Surfing Championships marked a milestone moment.
India's participation in the 2023 Asian Surfing Championships marked a milestone moment.The New Indian Express

In a stunning debut on the international stage, Team India made waves at the Asian Surfing Championship held in the breathtaking Thulusdhoo islands of the Maldives. Like every year, it was organized by the Asian Surfing Federation under the prestigious International Surfing Association (ISA). Surfers from across Asia gathered for this prestigious event to showcase their prowess on the unpredictable and thrilling waves of the Indian Ocean. Against formidable contenders such as Japan, Indonesia, and the host nation itself, India's surfing squad demonstrated extraordinary talent and determination, securing a remarkable Bronze medal in the Men's Division and achieving an overall 10th position amongst 18 participating countries.

India's participation in the 2023 Asian Surfing Championships marked a milestone moment.
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The Asian Surfing Championship has a rich history, being a platform that unites the continent's finest wave riders. For years, it has been an arena where surfers carve their names in the annals of the sport. Its significance lies not only in crowning individual and team champions but also in fostering camaraderie and cultural exchange among diverse surfing communities across Asia. It is where the saltwater meets the spirit of competition, and the roar of the ocean echoes with stories of triumph and perseverance.

India's participation in this hallowed championship marked a milestone moment. As the team paddled out for the first time, they carried the hopes and dreams of a burgeoning surfing nation. While India's coastline has long been kissed by the sea, its surf culture and competitive presence had yet to fully bloom. But this Bronze medal win proved that the seeds of Indian surfing are sprouting, signaling the country's arrival on the global surfing scene.

India’s first-ever team to participate in the Asian Surfing Championship comprised seven surfers, most of whom are from Tamil Nadu. Sanjay Selvamani, Kishore Kumar, and Ajeesh Ali hail from the fishing hamlet of Kovalam and are professional surf instructors, while Sivaraj Babu is from Mahabalipuram. Ramesh Budhihal is from the state of Kerala. The other two members include Srikanth and Samai De Kallialay. They were led and inspired by India’s head coach Patrick Renaud. Even though some had their doubts about India’s success as debutants, Patrick was confident that his team would surely shine.

Team India at the Asian Surfing Championship 2023
Team India at the Asian Surfing Championship 2023Surfing Federation Of India

The Surfing Federation Of India has been working very hard to create more awareness among children and more women in the sport. While they are thoroughly impressed by the fruits of labor brought home by the Indian boys, it is their, as well as the nation’s aspiration that soon India will be able to carve out a formidable identity in the world of surfing. As the sun sets on this remarkable chapter in Indian surfing history, it illuminates a future brimming with promise, as the surfers of our beloved nation set their sights on the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games. Indian surfers are no longer letting their talents hide on their shores but are ready to leave the international stage awe-struck by their skills, tenacity, and grace on the waves.

India's participation in the 2023 Asian Surfing Championships marked a milestone moment.
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