Indian Short Films Making Waves On The 2022 Global Festival Circuit

Indian Short Films Making Waves On The 2022 Global Festival Circuit
Image Courtesy: All That Breathes

The world of cinema has something for everyone and these short films from India have been touring International Film festivals around the globe. So delve into the world of films with these upcoming and renowned filmmakers.

I. All That Breathes

Directed by filmmaker Shaunak Sen, this 90-minute documentary sheds light on the deepening environmental issues that threaten the planet. It follows the story of two Indian brothers who rescue injured birds and develop a special bond with them. The endearing and bittersweet documentary was also one of India’s only selections at the Special Screenings of Cannes this year. The film also premiered at Sundance and won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary. The film has been a part of all major film festivals this year and will also be showcased at the upcoming
New York Film Festival.

II. Goldfish
Starring Deepti Naval and Kalki Koechlin Goldfish directed by Pushan Kripalani shows the tale of a young woman who returns home to deal with her mother’s dementia and the scars of her childhood with the help of her neighbour. With its world premiere at the upcoming Busan International Film Festival, the film is part of ‘A Window on Asian Cinema’ section of the festival.

III. Madhu (Honey)

The brother-sister filmmaker duo, Tanmay Chowdhary and Tanvi Chowdhary, with their co-directed short film, Madhu follows childhood friends Satakshi and Madhyama as they reunite during their twenties during the Durga Puja celebration. As the night progresses, their feelings for one another are revealed, taking the audience on a ferris wheel ride of love, hope, and dreams. The film was listed as the official selection for the Palm Springs International Short Fest 2022.

IV. Tora’s Husband

Bringing to light the economic strife caused by the coronavirus-induced lockdowns is National Award-winning filmmaker Rima Das whose third Assamese feature Tora’s Husband follows the story of a father trying to keep his small business afloat leading us into a world of strained relationships, personal loss, and tensions. The film is having its world premiere at the ongoing Toronto International Film Festival and is the first Indian film to be featured in the platform section.

V. Two Sisters And A Husband

Exploring all the dysfunctionality of love and even more so of a complicated family dynamic is Shlok Sharma’s film Two Sisters And A Husband. The 104-minute film featuring Avani Rai, Manya Grover, Dinker Sharma, Himanshu Kohli and Ashutosh Pathak premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in June in New York City and was India’s official entry for the International Narrative Competition section at the festival. As messy and twisted as the premise of the film that explores the dingy tale of a family gone wrong is, it’s interesting to see the way the characters and their relationships unfold; how love and the bond between the two sisters strain through this journey that is, at best, complicated and messy.

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