Indian Version Of Cards Against Humanity Is The ‘Best Bored Game’ You’ll Play

Indian Version Of Cards Against Humanity Is The ‘Best Bored Game’ You’ll Play
Best Bored Gamed

Cards Against Humanity is a game that changed life as we knew it. But what if we told you that there was an Indian version that’s probably the best game we’ve ever come across (after Monopoly Deal, of course) ? That’s right - this exists. “The Best Bored Game” as it is called was invented in Bangalore, and has been quite the sensation in the city.

We spoke to Vedant Mehra, a founder of the game about how it all came to be. “The idea actually game to me when I was sitting down with family over a typical lazy Sunday afternoon, bored to death as everyone was too busy staring into their phones and not making conversation. I wanted to change that, I wanted people to look beyond their phones and actually have some real world fun.” And that was how the game was born.

For the uninitiated, or if you’ve never played Cards Against Humanity, allow us to explain to you the wonder that is the Best Bored Game. At the start of every game, each player must draw ten White Cards. The person who most recently ate begins as the Card Lord and plays a Black Card. The Card Lord reads the question on the Black Card aloud, and everyone else answers the question by passing one White Card face down to the Card Lord, who doesn’t answer the question (obviously). Everyone else must answer the question with the card they think is the funniest and most (un)suitable. The Card Lord shuffles all the answer cards and shares each answer with the group, picking the funniest answer. Whoever has played it gets the Black Card earning one point. After the round, the next player to the right of the earlier Card Lord becomes the new Card Lord and everyone draws a White Card from the deck (you must always have 10 cards at hand).

Why do we call this the “Indian version” of CAH, you ask? Well, in addition to side-splitting english question and answers, we also have a collection of hindi ones, and questions specific to the Indian context. So expect questions like “choli ke peeche kya hai”, “the last thing Manmohan Singh said was ______” and “what did Pranab Mukherjee whisper to Mamta Banerjee?” Now, the questions are only amplified with the nature of the answer - some of which could be “Anil Kapoor’s Hair”, “Ab Ki Bar Modi Sarkar”, “Condoms”, “Erectile Dysfunction” and “Tits” to name a few out of the 300 odd card options. Vedant tells us that copious amounts of alcohol and “herb” were utilised in the making of these cards - but you knew this already!

You can order this game via their Facebook page by simply sending along a message. They have an updated version of the English-Hindi game coming out soon, as well as an all-Hindi version so make sure you stay posted! Trust us, this pack of cards stands to change the game. Literally. You will not be disappointed.

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