Inside A Mumbai-Based Agency Empowering The Next Generation Of Queer Models

Current management co-founders
Current management co-foundersL: Nin Kala R: Glorious Luna

The queer community has contributed to contemporary fashion significantly, challenging gender stereotypes while advocating inclusivity and diversity. Designers, as well as consumers, have been inspired by their unique aesthetics and style, resulting in a more expressive industry.

Queer people have long advocated for more representation and visibility in fashion, which has led to a diverse fashion landscape. When we dive deeper into queer representation in our country, we can see progress, albeit slowly. We have come a long way on the road to acceptance of the queer aesthetic. Though currently, non-binary and transgender models are frequently treated like token characters in an ensemble due to prejudice, this also grants them the liberty of expression, which is dismissed in ordinary society.

Deedeeplsrepresented by Current management

Upon her arrival in Mumbai, drag queen, model, and entrepreneur Glorious Luna experienced challenges with securing an agency to represent her. Though some people wanted to collaborate with her, she understood that this was only due to the androgynous trend. 

Frustrated with this space where queer artists lack true representation of themselves, she teamed up with queer supermodel, entrepreneur and activist Nin Kala. Together, they founded Current Management, a newly launched agency - of the queers, by the queers, for everybody - that seeks to be the pioneering agency to exclusively represent authentic and queer artists. They house diverse talents, from makeup artists to fashion stylists, dancers, actors, and drag artists. The management is now continually expanding its range as an agency by being on the lookout for new faces who strive to be different and one-of-a-kind.

The agency aims to connect inclusive brands to individuals with dazzling personalities, striving to revoke the traditional requirements of conventional talent agencies. Nin Kala and Glorious Luna mention that the motivation for establishing this agency was solely the reality that barely any agencies can provide a safe space and manage queer artists, which is what the market lacks. The agency has taken upon itself the responsibility to provide the best opportunities and represent the queer community in the fashion and beauty industry.

"We have left all our struggles in the past, and the onus is on us to rewrite our own legacy."

via Current Management's website.

Current management's core value is creating a space for all queer artists from the LGBTQIA+ community, and it is only exciting to witness more people proudly wear their identity and empower themselves.

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