Khanoom Pottery Studio's Ceramics Encapsulate Function, Tradition, & Miniature Indian Art

Khanoom Pottery Studio's Ceramics Encapsulate Function, Tradition, & Miniature Indian Art

Handmade objects of beauty are gentle reminders of man and his inextricable connection with the earth. India is a country that seems to cultivate an artistic culture that cherishes age-old handicrafts, generations of cultural traditions and a sustainable approach to creativity.

Speaking of which, the popularity of handmade pottery has been on the rise in recent years. Be it the functional designs or the individuality that it adds to our living spaces, we’re slowly embracing the slow living ethos that handcrafted goods represent.

Khanoom Studio is one such space bridging the gap between traditional crafting techniques and contemporary sensibilities with its incredible range of clay-based houseware. Skip out on factory-produced houseware and opt for stylish tableware that boasts functional designs featuring miniature paintings. Khanoom adds a refreshing touch to ceramic alternatives.

Set in the courtyard of a former glass factory in Jaipur, the studio derives its name from the ancient Egyptian God Khnum, a ram-headed deity who conjured living beings out of clay on his wheel. A dash of kismet and mutual connections brought founders Priyamvada Golcha and British designer Simon Marks together to combine their love for craftsmanship, which manifested in the form of a pottery studio specializing in artsy ceramics.

The studio produces an ornamental range of plates, goblets, and kitchenware that is hand-painted and crafted by local potters. Crafted using Kaolin clay, sourced from Bikaner, these aesthetically pleasing ceramics are adorned with botanical motifs and cheeky paintings that pay homage to Indian illustrators. Think cheeky monkeys, brinjals, and bright red chillies!

The ever-expanding range of handmade ceramics is available at Le Mill in Mumbai or can be purchased via a quick DM on their Instagram page for a custom piece.

View the label here.

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