Muse: 18 Artists | By Women, For Everyone At A Mumbai Art Exhibit

Muse: 18 Artists | By Women, For Everyone At A Mumbai Art Exhibit
(L) Vridhhi ; Tara Anand (R)

When we speak of the female gaze and Indian society (when put it through a feminist lens) it is usually in the context of masculinity. It allows us to offer the world a more nuanced perspective of men, which hopefully sets a benchmark for the way they are brought up in India –– in the hope to change the narrative to a safer, more inclusive, appreciative, and equitable one.

In the context of art, whether it be through history or in modern contemporary times, the gender parity is prevalent. For long, female ‘muses’ are portrayed through the eyes of men that paint a one-dimensional picture. Often devoid of agency and independence, these female portrayals are, in fact, palatable only to men.

Shifting this gaze to a tweaked idea of ‘how women see women’ is Muse, ‘a collection of artwork featuring 18 women through the lens of women’ which will be exhibited at Method Kalaghoda, Mumbai, 7-24 April 2022.

More than an art exhibit by women, this is about portraying what society is afraid to –– women taking ownership of their bodies, lives, work, and perception. When gender bias is at a level as that of India’s, these acts become increasingly challenging and perhaps even dangerous. Art as a form of expression is a wonderful vehicle, but the women behind it are those driving the change, and Muse is a way to support that.

Muse is also a result of an open call for submissions across India, and will portray varied perspectives.

Women often do not receive chances of owning their own narrative, and it is efforts like Muse at Method Kalaghoda that allow and encourage women to shine on a stage they have unequivocal right to be on.

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