One Hundred Portraits Project Is An Ode To The Icons Of Indian Cinema

One Hundred Portraits Project Is An Ode To The Icons Of Indian Cinema

India-born, America-based typeface designer, architect and illustrator Hemalatha Venkataraman is a creative engine that is ushering in a refreshing South-Indian aesthetic. Venkataraman’s brainchild the Tamizh Type Project earlier made waves for its understanding and unique perspective on the language and the history of its origins. Continuing on that tandem of following her roots, Venkataraman has embarked on a brand new project that highlights the icons of South-Indian cinema.

The One Hundred Portraits Project

The artist who reveres the affair she shares with her hometown, Madras and the culture that it has imprinted on her craft never shies away from an opportunity to showcase her affinity to the city through her creations. As a passionate cinephile growing up on the influences of Tamil cinema’s greatest, Venkataraman’s latest project delves into a multimedia digital sketch that has monochrome portraits of actors, singers and directors as its base.

Each artwork so far holds a portrait in its background and is digitally reimagined through the illustrations and vibrant colour palettes that Hemalatha has created. The final product offers a dreamy, pop-art appeal that sets a brand new light on this tribute to the industry and the icons that have helped shape it.

From music directors such as Ilaiyaraja, S.P. Balasubramaniam to the women icons of Indian cinema including Shobhana, Sridevi and Nandita Das, the one hundred portraits project offers a slice of nostalgia tinged with a contemporary pop-art appeal that makes it aesthetically refreshing to look at.

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