Paper Planes: For Creatives Who Love Design & Culture

Paper Planes: For Creatives Who Love Design & Culture

Feeling limited by the narrative of ‘good design’ being reserved for certain sections and realising the larger impact that design can have in our day to day interactions, the organisation Paper Planes was founded. Working in the space of design and creativity, they promote stories and events for all interested regardless of their background. Their various sub-brands also work towards the singular goal of promoting design and creativity.

Their eponymous independent media brand which is a design and culture publication that explores stories that highlight “...the many manners in which design intersects with our everyday lives — with regard to architecture, urban planning, and public spaces, visual culture, India’s craft heritage and its future, sustainability and conservation, and beyond.”

With The Paper Planes Shop, their online retail space that has existed since 2014, which they consider the building block of their organisation, they stock a large selection of international and Indian independent print magazines and books. They also have a wide range of products that are made in collaboration with like-minded brands and organisations.

The Paper Planes Agency further helps them fuel their independent publication by allowing them to collaborate with brands who believe in the same narratives, storytelling, and design as them. Their services include creative direction, communication, brand strategy, campaign development, and custom publishing.

Their upcoming venture Oddly Enough is further creating a space for conversations, gatherings, and events where people can discuss ideas about everyday life.

You can check them out here.

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