Photo series ‘Facades Of Being’ Depicts the Journey Of Self-Discovery Through An Artistic Lens

Photo series ‘Facades Of Being’ Depicts the Journey Of Self-Discovery Through An Artistic Lens

Man’s search for meaning has always been an unsolved puzzle, amounting to a myriad of theories and generations of soul searching. Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? Does my existence even matter? We’ve all been overcome by these staggeringly unanswered questions once in a while .

The plausible answer to all these questions boils down to the discovery of self. While the concept of self-discovery might sound daunting, it really is the simple process of shedding the layers of this facade and examining your life and being aware of your personal goals, values, ideas, and the passionate act of reclaiming your personal power.

Showcasing the metamorphic cycle of human discovery, Sanjay Tomar’s photo story, Facades of being captures the essence of discovering the self. Inspired by the photographer’s personal tryst with self-discovery, the photo story captures cryptic visuals immersed in a resoundingly strong conceptual vision.

Sanjay sheds light on man’s search for meaning that drives him to shrines and stupas and finds him praying in ornate temples, holy churches, and revered mosques only to find his reflection at every corner.

Somewhere between piquing curiosity and answering the unsolved riddles of life, man realizes that he holds both the lock and key to his quest for truth. The photo story emphasizes the all-encompassing power of self that lies at the beginning and end of our journey of seeking.

“Behind the ornate temple facade, the pristine walls of the mosque, the palatial churches, and behind every other place where man goes to seek something greater than himself, he is to find nothing but a mirror. Behind every ailing, greedy, happy, proud, loving face; he is to find no one but himself. In the pages of every spiritual book and the verses of religious texts, he is to learn of nothing else but himself.

But who is he? Is he the one who seeks or the one who holds the answers? Or is he both? The answer to this question lies in the question itself.”

— Sanjay Tomar on the photo story 'Facades of being'.

The Mumbai based photographer is known to dabble in the sphere of fashion and Fine Art and attempts at exploring himself and his surroundings through an artistic lens.

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