Pop Culture, Fiction & Imagery: Bhattchin’s Blend For His Impressive Art

Pop Culture, Fiction & Imagery: Bhattchin’s Blend For His Impressive Art

Each artist’s creative process is unique to them, almost like a fingerprint. Some spend weeks on a piece before starting afresh, while some let out whatever is on their mind in one stretch.

22-year-old Sachin Bhatt (or Bhattchin) belongs to the latter. He says, “Things just look a certain way to me, in my head, and I just draw them the way my brain sees them. I don’t draw very often or constantly practice, I just put things down as and when they occur to me. It’s almost like I’m just copying whatever I’m seeing in my head.”

He began the journey of an artist at the age of 16 and has since created record covers and animated videos for musicians such as Javed Akhtar, Hiatus Kaiyote, Kiefer, DIVINE, Plini and more. Additionally, he also contributed to the visual identity for Neon East Fest.

Packed with details, yet not overwhelming, Sachin’s art possesses several impressive qualities — novel, defined and ever-so-slightly surreal. A glance at his work will reveal that he’s not about all things straight-forward, and manages to keep a viewer engaged just long enough to understand it. He hits the sweet spot between bizarre and genius.

“What keeps me going is the fact that I have the ability to contribute to the world of art itself. It’s almost like a sense of responsibility,” Sachin explains his motivation. Contributing to the world of art isn’t an easy task, and we sure are thankful that Sachin is always up for it.

You can find Bhattchin’s work here.

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